Model Patriot

Most urgent order of business: Today I learned that ABC Family Messed With A Good Thing and released Mean Girls 2.

Say what?

To re-phrase, ABC Family shamed the memory of Regina George, Gretchen Wieners, the 80% chance that it’s already raining and tried to re-create a brand of madness that knows no method.

Confused?  Mystified?  Under the same impression as I was – that Mean Girls was never meant to have a sequel?

We’re all on the same page.

To make an extremely long story short, I am appalled.

I mean, for crying out loud, Mean Girls brought us back to a peaceful place before the very fabric of time and space was warped by The Jersey Shore, sexting, Silly Bandz and Four Loko.

The Good Old Days are dead, kittens.

Am I the only one who feels like The Social Contract has been broken?

Tonight, I wanted to address the massive pile of magazines that has completely taken-over my reading basket.

By that, I mean the January issues of Vogue and bon appetit are languishing alongside ALL of the February issues.

We all know how that goes.

But then I got all Civic-ly Minded at the last minute (y’all know I have to move as The Spirit strikes), and decided that it would probably a good call to watch The State of the Union.

You know, embrace the joys of American Citizenship, stay in-the-know about the plans for our country over the next year, check out Michelle Obama’s ‘fit (loved it, btw!)…that sort of thing.

Model Patriot.  Right here.

Confession: I may or may not have been secretly excited for the excuse to go on a Capitol Hill-induced CNN-jag.  It’s not election day coverage, but in a pinch it’ll do.

Did you watch the State of The Union?  How did you feel about the First Lady’s Outfit?

I’ll be the first to admit that while I found her frock to be a flattering one, the cream was a bold choice in that sea of black, gray and navy suits.

Who else heard about the monstrosity that was Mean Girls 2?


18 responses to “Model Patriot

  1. Mean Girls 2…I couldn’t believe it when I saw that promo. What a travesty.

    I hate to admit that I didn’t watch the SOTU…I got a degree in politics, and it’s almost ironic how much I dislike actual politics. (Mostly the drama of it all.) But I did see The First Lady’s dress. Lovely, understated, modest, and it had sleeves. Much better than last year’s when she caused an uproar for not wearing sleeves in the house chamber. Wow, back to the point. She did look very nice and even as understated – still lovely (esp in the sea of black and blue suits)

  2. I DVR’d MG2 tonight (yes I admitted that)…i’ll have to watch it tomorrow to see what I think!

  3. I missed the State of the Union! I was at work 😦 I did see a picture of Michelle and loved her dress. She can do no wrong!

  4. We saw the advert for Mean Girls 2 on the DVD “Dinner for Schmucks.” I think everyone in the room threw up in their mouth a little bit.
    And, yes, you are so right–the good ole days are gone. So gone. And it’s sad.

    I was pretty upset that my TV wasn’t working so I couldn’t WATCH the State of the Union. I read it. You know, so I felt like a good, informed patriot. It’s so much better live. Reading it, which well written, was kind of a drag. It’s just not the same reading (applause) as hearing and seeing it.

  5. I have heard of Mean Girls 2 – it seems to be a bad trend for ABC Family…they need to stop taking teen movies and making them into tv shows. It will never work.
    And sadly and disappointingly, I was unable to watch the State of the Union Address. Also meaning, I haven’t seen her dress – though I can assume it was classy, simple, yet still a good option. She wasn’t on the cover of Vogue for no reason.
    Much love,

  6. Mean girls 2? That’s a sham!!!!

  7. Personally I refuse to watch it. I’ll forever be a loyal fan to “You just can’t sit with us!” and “She doesn’t even go here!” that my friends and I still scream to random people at various events.

  8. Hey Kat-LOVED your idea to share a few tidbits every week from my “100 things everyone should know how to do” book!! pretty sure i will do just that 😉 thanks!!

    as far as Mean Girls. i do like that movie. embarrassingly alot 😀
    yes, i heard the sequel was ridonkulous….
    although what i find even more ridonkulous is the channel ABC FAMILY. in my experience, when i’ve seen the previews for shows, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING “family” about what they show!
    i don’t know whose family they used as the standard demographic when they came up with that—but no. not family! LOL!

  9. I didn’t watch State of the Union….. I’m a Canadian so I didn’t really know about it 🙂

    Mean Girls 2!? Thats wrong! I totally agree with you. There should not be a sequel!

  10. I totally saw the Mean Girls 2 being advertised and was a little weirded out too. As for the State of the Union, I did not watch, but I am going to check out the outfit!

  11. I really must become more politically aware, I am ashamed to admit how much I am not.
    The Mean Girls 2? Just… just say that it has nothing to do with the real Mean Girls and avoid it at all costs. That’s what I think. Why must people screw with a good thing indeed.

  12. haha….i’m with you mate, means girls 2….that ain’t right. are they getting the same cast? same writers? sorry, but some of those actors are in their 30’s now while others are simply on crack. where are the fresh ideas, peoples??? 🙂

  13. UGH! I watched half and I couldn’t believe the audacity. WHY make a sequel without Tina Fey, Regina George, or any of the wit of the original? MG2 was horribly unfunny and was obnoxiously formulaic, you could totally see BLATANT scenes and jokes being ripped off like crazy. It was an abomination.

  14. I watch that channel a lot so the mean girls 2 preview is on every 5 seconds. It looks lame, but then again it IS a story thats been told over and over again in those kind of movies! In the end though, I am sure my little sister will love it, which means I will have to watch it over and over 🙂

  15. Didn’t watch the state of the union address because I’m Canadian, but I’m seconds away from googling the First Lady’s outfit.

    As for Mean Girls 2, I mean…come on. There aren’t words to describe why not.

    Although I will admit a dirty little secret – I watched Dirty Dancing 2 more than once (not gonna tell you how many times, though!), and I still think a sequel to “No one puts Baby in a corner” was all kinds of wrong.

  16. I saw there was a mean girls 2 on a commercial, just bc I watch gilmore girls from time to time. i agree with you – what the heck?
    i watched the end of the state of the union- and i really liked michelles dress- she looked great but formal.

  17. Are you kidding me?! Mean Girls 2? I have no words.

    Mrs. President’s outfit was graceful and tasteful. It was full. She looked great. I was a bit concerned with all of the one-liners and stumbling over metaphors during the address. But the “mixing” of parties did make it look as if there was more positive feedback, instead of one side is cheering with standing o’s and the other sits with arms crossed.

  18. I didn’t watch it. For shame I know

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