Holding Out

People, I’ve been holding out on you.

Over the last month, Marcus and I have embraced a Scorched Earth Policy and have watched four seasons (working our way through five) of Weeds, care of Netflix On Demand.

You know it’s an addiction when you keep it secret from the ones you love.

Other things I’ve been holding out on y’all: Khara, Kristi, Priyanka, Stephanie and Tracey have all given me shout-outs on their blogs in the last week or-so for this award and that.  I’m Stylish and Trendy but have yet to be given the Able To Disguise Blonde Roots In A Way That Suggests Foliage Award.

I have a feeling I could be waiting a long time for that one.

In all seriousness, I so love the blogging community and all of the connections I’ve made (and continue to make!).  I learn new things from all of you, every day.  Thank you, ladies! xoxo

And kittens, go check them out.  Obviously.

Apparently, this week I’m the Picture of Industry when it comes to the kitchen.  Tonight I took a whack at an extreme variation of Chicken Asparagus Roll-Ups and Marco Canora’s Tuscan Fries from Salt to Taste.

Fact: This casserole dish may be one of the most useful gifts I’ve ever received.

I’ve been dying to try this type of dish (meat rolled around other, similarly delicious things) for probably three years now.

Why the wait?

Reason: Unknown.

I mean honestly, how simple is this concept?  Pick a Protein.  Pick a Vegetable.  Pick a Cheese.  Pick a Sauce.  Season.  Roll.

You can make this dish with pretty much whatever is in your pantry.  Out of chicken?  Go beef.  Tired of cream sauce?  Try a glaze.  Hate asparagus?  Bell peppers would work well.  You don’t have those herbs?  Oregano is fine.

And, most importantly, it looks like you tried when you plate it.

What’s a recipe you’ve been dying to try but just haven’t found the energy to attempt?

What TV shows are you watching lately?

Besides Weeds, I’m all about: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, glee, Biggest Loser, I Used to Be Fat, Millionaire Matchmaker and all manner of Food Network cooking shows.


17 responses to “Holding Out

  1. Currently I am watching Real house wives of BH and Millionaire Matchmaker. Cannot wait for the next season of Amazing race and Kardashian drama!

  2. Not really watching much right now since nothing in on season for me, but I usually watch Glee, Raising Hope and Community. I tend to watch SNL too.

  3. Looks delish!

    My husband forced me to watch Lie to Me, and now I’m addicted! Along with all of the Real Housewives!

  4. I have this recipe for “Curried Chicken with Harvest Fruit” that I have had in mind for literally years. Not sure what I’m waiting for?

    I don’t regularly watch TV – studying interferes with TV watching haha – but do watch The Walking Dead, Damages, True Blood when they’re on. I also am watching V – I grew up in the 80’s, what can I say? One day when I’m done school, I’m watching Lost (which I stopped watching in fall 2006 when I went back to school) and Weeds and probably a whole pile of others that I hear people talking about. 🙂

  5. I am so making the Asparagus Roll Ups for my blg. They totally fit in with my slow carb diet plan! Great idea!

  6. I just started watching Biggest Loser! It’s so cheesy, but I still like it.

  7. I absolutely love Glee, The Office, and Grey’s Anatomy. I’m usually a big fan of the Biggest Loser (and I never used to miss an episode!), but I’ve been getting bored with it lately! What are your thoughts? I feel like the 2 hour format is just too long–and there’s getting to be less and less variation between seasons and episodes. Let’s mix it up a little, you know?!

    Hope you’re having a great week so far 🙂

  8. Yum, your casserole looks delicious!!!

  9. Lately I’ve been watching Criminal Minds, and The Simpsons. It’s kind of an odd combination.

  10. wow. that chicken/asparagus dish looks amazing. my husband would totally dig that.
    i have always wanted to make a lasagna. just intimidated by it…if it doesn’t turn out then i wasted time and money and food. grrr.
    been watching: The Office reruns.

  11. Kat-I MUST tell you that if you like Weeds, you will LOVE Breaking Bad. I had never heard of this show before, but now we are entering the 3rd season (courtesy of Apply TV) and we are obsessed. It’s a cross between Dexter and Weeds. Amazing! Check it out!!

  12. I love, love, love Weeds! I order Showtime every time it comes on because I can’t wait for the next season to get to Netflix. I’m hooked!

  13. Netflix rules! I love doing the seasonal marathons.

    I can’t get enough Biggest Loser and I Used To Be Fat.

    I’ve been dying to make my Grandma’s danish pastry. I’ve made it before, but I haven’t had the energy for the 6-8 hour process. Hopefully soon. Jillian & Bob would not approve.

  14. Husband and I were like that with Mad Men. Now? It’s a bit embarrassing, but we are watching Pretty Little Liars. Really? Yes, really. Weeds rocks though. And so does your blog. Thrilled to have found my way here 🙂

  15. We blew through Mad Men, Dexter, and now we’re busting through Breaking Bad. Incidentally, both Dexter and Breaking Bad are pretty good to hone your Spanish skills. I am consistently a translator for the hubs while we watch.

  16. That dish looks lovely. I must try it sometime. Funny you mention Weeds, my good friend Selby was just telling me how her and her husband have rented and fallen in love with it from Netflixs too!

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