Breaking the Streak

Today, I snarfed six pills before 10 AM.

Breakfast of Champions.

And then I spent the remainder of the day making my best effort to date at setting the world record for sneezing.  It was not my most adorable moment.

But you know you’ve given up any semblance of dignity when you’re letting a roll of toilet paper double as Kleenex because at this point it’s softer, and you’re using Carmex on the tip of your nose because it’s so chapped.

Kittens, We press on.

Before The Holidays Happened, I noticed that Marcus and I were falling into a food rut.  I mean, we always cook dinner together and enjoy healthy meals.  But I think that sometimes we all reach a point where the entire weekly menu is composed of Old Favorites or Fallback Plans.

Actually using the cookbooks I have would be the logical option.  But a couple of weeks ago, Kirsten posted her recipe for Lasagna and I’ve kind of been dying to try it for a couple of reasons:

  1. I’ve never cooked Lasagna from scratch (though the Stouffer’s frozen is a family favorite for sure).
  2. Marcus claimed that he doesn’t like Lasagna.  Just like chili, beans and rice, ricotta cheese and cruciferous vegetables, I couldn’t wait to prove him wrong.  Again.

The fruit of my labors.


After. Wonderous ocean of cheese and meat.

I thought it was delicious.  I loved the excuse to use the red Le Creuset casserole dish that Santa brought me.  And, for the convenience-minded, I was astonished that the whole arrangement could be completed from start to finish in all of an hour.

Lasagna Lovers: Do it.  At once.

Marcus’ Take: “I disliked the cheese blend.”

At which point I gnashed my teeth, squinted my eyes and informed him that he was no longer allowed to eat mozzarella or goat cheese, (which he eats with unbridled enthusiasm At All Other Times) under our roof.

Cheese blend that, Mister.

Is there a food you love to cook that your Person just won’t go for?

Do you ever end up in the Old Favorites/Fallback Plans rut?


24 responses to “Breaking the Streak

  1. I am sadly opposite: Nick loves stuffed peppers and something we affectionately call “iguana meat” and I dislike both of them! I am currently in my own food rut, thanks to the move. But my brother got me the America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family cookbook for Christmas, and I can’t wait to try it out!


  2. I am definitely also in this rut, aka the Comfort Food Rut.

    My husband will pretty much eat anything, but if I extend your question to my kids, they don’t like my beef stew or chili, and they are the BEST, not to mention so easy and the recipes make lots of leftovers. One day they WILL like both. 🙂

  3. Anything that has mushrooms in it and any seafood/fish Justin will not eat. Whenever we go out to dinner I try to find a combination of these foods to satisfy the lack there of in mycurrwnt meal plan thanks to him. Your lasagna looks yummy.

  4. I’m sorry that you’re not feeling well! Hopefully you start feeling better soon. Some of our old faves usually include things with Taco seasoning – turkey tacos, turkey taco meatloaf, mexican pasta skillet.

  5. I used to LOVE lasagna…back when I could eat wheat and cheese. Now I can eat tomatoes…but that doesn’t exactly sound tempting, right?

    My husband and kid are picky and demanding and it drives me nuts. That’s why I stick to our food rut because for the most part things are tried and true and they will eat them with minimal fuss. If it ain’t broke…

  6. PS – Feel better soon!

  7. Being that the majority of what I cook is fed to kids, there is always someone that is less than pleased with dinner. I try not to let it get to me, else I end up in the chicken-spaghetti-stir-fry-tacos rut that I am currently digging out of. 2 of my boys snarf lasagna, and the other 2 insist they don’t like it, even though they like all the individual components. I’ve threatened to never let them eat goat cheese, and mozzarella again, too. 😉

  8. He sounds like a bit of a picky eater there. Bah, cheeses mixed together are delicious.
    I have the rut of breakfast being the same almost every day, but it’s easy and quick for taking out the door for an 8am class.

  9. Adam and I will be eating Russian beet salad for the next week. Thanks to the fact that he loves it and that I discovered diced canned beets and carrots it may be added to our food rut menu. It is healthy and the best part is that I can make it over the weekend so I don’t have to cook when I get home from work at 7pm.

  10. I cannot take no for an answer when it comes to food. I have converted my husband from being slightly picky to open to all new foods! He is still a bit hesitant about fish, but I can understand that!

    Feel better soon girl!

  11. No matter what I do to it, I just can’t seem to get any pumpkin haters in my life to hate pumpkin. I don’t know why I associate with them!

  12. Your cold sounds dreadful! Feel better soon! :[

    Oh yes . . . hate the food ruts . . . I keep looking for a few new recipes. Frozen pizza was an easy fall back for a while, but we’re trying to cut that out and try something new for “Sarah doesn’t want to cook” nights. Marinating chicken breasts in Italian dressing then cooking them is quickly becoming a new favorite. Little bit more to clean up, but it’s easy and delish.

  13. I LOVE homemade lasagna! Yours looks dee-lish, and what a great way to use your new dish 🙂

    Adam HATES zucchini, which I totally don’t get. I’ve tried to sneak it into everything–finely grated in quick breads, muffins (even cupcakes!), finely chopped and disguised with other veggies in quesadillas and grilled veggies. It doesn’t matter how cleverly I hide it though–he finds it and makes sure I know it 🙂 Can’t say I haven’t tried though!

  14. almost everything i make for myself is weird/distasteful to my hubby!
    i like new and interesting specialty foods….he just wants the standard meat and potatoes meal 🙂 he’s a southern boy from louisiana and he wants what he’s used to!
    although i don’t mind when he cooks, because he’s an awesome cook!

  15. My hubby doesnt like chile, so I cant make that 😦 Its pretty much a big bummer for me. I always try and sneak it in during the week but every time I mention it he shoots me down!

  16. Um, Marcus is crazy! Lasagna is the best! We definitely end up eating some of the same things, especially when I dont plan ahead. I didn’t end up taking a pic Kat 😦 Im sorry! Im bad about pics unless it comes to Kaia.

  17. Yes! Kale, Brown rice/pasta/bread (basically anything wheat) and sweet potatoes are the big three! But I try to sneak them in some dinners or make myself one of three as a side and he makes something else like a regular white rice or potato. Hope you feel better!

  18. Scott complained for the first 6 months I did Weight Watchers. So I stopped telling him that the meals were low fat and he stopped complaining.

    But I did find out two years after we were dating that the dish he had professed to love and I had cooked at least once a week since was actually awful. And he had only said he liked it to get in my pants. So best to find out now than to live a food lie for two years, that’s what I say!

  19. Thankfully, my boyfriend has the exact same taste buds as I do and he’s very open to eating new things. Although we haven’t had that many opportunities to cook for each other just yet…so maybe there’s something out there. The cheese thing made me laugh, too because Michael LOVES cheese and I’m not a huge it was funny to see another couple and their “cheese issue” haha

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  21. My person will eat just about anything I make…I guess I’m just lucky he’s adventurous.

    Hope you feel better soon! I spent Thursday to Sunday last week sneezing all day!

  22. “I didn’t like the cheese blend”???? Not ok.
    Jonathan eats just about everything I make without complaint, but I can’t get him on the bandwagon for corn tortillas (saving me like 10,000 calories compared to flour) or whole grain bread. He doesn’t like eating seeds in his bread. Go figure.

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