Daily Archives: 01.09.2011

Breaking the Streak

Today, I snarfed six pills before 10 AM.

Breakfast of Champions.

And then I spent the remainder of the day making my best effort to date at setting the world record for sneezing.  It was not my most adorable moment.

But you know you’ve given up any semblance of dignity when you’re letting a roll of toilet paper double as Kleenex because at this point it’s softer, and you’re using Carmex on the tip of your nose because it’s so chapped.

Kittens, We press on.

Before The Holidays Happened, I noticed that Marcus and I were falling into a food rut.  I mean, we always cook dinner together and enjoy healthy meals.  But I think that sometimes we all reach a point where the entire weekly menu is composed of Old Favorites or Fallback Plans.

Actually using the cookbooks I have would be the logical option.  But a couple of weeks ago, Kirsten posted her recipe for Lasagna and I’ve kind of been dying to try it for a couple of reasons:

  1. I’ve never cooked Lasagna from scratch (though the Stouffer’s frozen is a family favorite for sure).
  2. Marcus claimed that he doesn’t like Lasagna.  Just like chili, beans and rice, ricotta cheese and cruciferous vegetables, I couldn’t wait to prove him wrong.  Again.

The fruit of my labors.


After. Wonderous ocean of cheese and meat.

I thought it was delicious.  I loved the excuse to use the red Le Creuset casserole dish that Santa brought me.  And, for the convenience-minded, I was astonished that the whole arrangement could be completed from start to finish in all of an hour.

Lasagna Lovers: Do it.  At once.

Marcus’ Take: “I disliked the cheese blend.”

At which point I gnashed my teeth, squinted my eyes and informed him that he was no longer allowed to eat mozzarella or goat cheese, (which he eats with unbridled enthusiasm At All Other Times) under our roof.

Cheese blend that, Mister.

Is there a food you love to cook that your Person just won’t go for?

Do you ever end up in the Old Favorites/Fallback Plans rut?