Daily Archives: 01.08.2011

In The Haze

People, I am in The Haze right now.

I rolled into the Park Nicollet Urgent Care when it opened at 8 AM.  And at 8:23 AM I rolled out, having set a new record for fastest in-and-out trip to Urgent Care.


Decisiveness is key in these situations.  As is a bit of self-diagnosis prior to The Event itself.

So here I am now, hopped up on Sudafed and a Z Pack, giving thanks for the fact that the heaviest machinery I’m required to operate is the three-pound netbook taking up residence on my lap.

In all seriousness, there was a point this morning where I was debating whether or not I was meant to empty my water bottle into the recycling bin (made of cardboard) or the sink.  Following that incident, I knew that the responsible, adult decision would be to have Marcus supervise me while I actioned an Egg Bake for One for my lunch.

Sometimes, you have to pull yourself from the game.

As for The Paint Chip Extravaganza, I got a major kick out of your responses and the editorializing that accompanied it.  And then I realized I actually had to count the freaking things.

The magic number?  90.  Congratulations Brittany @ Be Deliciously Healthy! E-mail your mailing address to tenaciouslyyourskw at gmail dot com and I’ll mail you your lovely prize!


And make sure you treasure this one forever, girlfriend.

Part of me wishes I was joking, but the other part of me is really kicking myself for not buying the Sand Dollars Playing Cards a la those Dogs Playing Poker paintings.

We can’t win every battle.

What’s the most ridiculous souvenir you purchased on vacation?

Have you ever been in the antibiotic/Sudafed-induced haze?  Spill the antics, people.