Daily Archives: 01.07.2011

Back Ashore


I had this grand vision where Marcus and I were going to take just TONS of snaps and I would barely know what to do with myself, trying to sort through the best of them.

In the end, we only took about 10 on our own and I particularly loved this one because I never thought that we would end up in a pink and green polo (or Polo in my case) situation.

But it did and there we were.

And now we’re at MIA and I’m hacking away on my DROID, which is obviously The Ideal Typing Arrangement.

The Bahamas were fun in the sense that I had never been. But having spent a disproportionate amount of time in the Caribbean relative to other vacation spots, I have to say, they were lacking a lot of the Glory and Splendor that I’ve come to expect from Paradise.

Verdict: If you’ve never been, you’re not missing the party.

I did end up wearing seven of the eight dresses that I shoved into my suitcase in a frenzied fit of over-packing.  As superficial as it sounds, it was really pleasant to have a dress for drinks and a dress for dinner. Someday, in a different world where I’m no longer a Career Woman, this will become a way of life.

Presently speaking, my poor body is oh-so-excited to return to a normal eating and exercise schedule.

I didn’t put on my running shoes once, and not-so-miraculously, my legs didn’t fall off.  We walked the boardwalk in Miami Beach, swam for hours on the ship and trotted all over Nassau. Marcus invoked the “No Elevators On Board” rule, and so we walked up and down stairs until I thought my legs might actually fall off.

Because cruise ships are the epic realm of over-indulgence, I ate and drank what I wanted, didn’t eat what I didn’t love and managed to make it off the boat without needing to be rolled down the gangplank. 

Lesson: I need to give my body more credit.

And, as relaxing as this vacation was, I’ve got to say that I’m truly thankful that I have the entire weekend ahead of me to get my life in-order.  Especially since I think tomorrow will include a trip to Urgent Care to address the souvenir sore throat/quasi-ear infection arrangement I seem to have found myself with.


Do you give your body enough credit?

Have you ever gotten sick on vacation?