Paint Chip Invasion

No, this isn’t part of Operation: Paint the Bathrooms.

We’re picking out colors for our Ketubah.

If you’re opting-out of the Wikipedia option, a Ketubah is the Jewish marriage contract and in the modern-day an objet d’art.  Since we’re working with an artist, we get to design it from scratch.

For our theme, we’re going to be designing it around a star chart from our wedding day, June 12, 2011.  My name in hebrew means star, Marcus minored in astrophysics and we love the night sky.

All signs point to yes.

We’re working on finding a color for the arrangement, and I keep coming back to the Mediterranean sea and frescoes.

Obviously to make the process easier, we thought it would be a good idea to have an actual color to show the artist.  So we arranged for a trip to Lowe’s .

And then things started to get a little bit out of control.  I mean, I knew how many blues and greens and purples there are.  But seriously, did you know how many there are?

Obviously the idea of moderation didn’t even cross my mind.

I haven’t counted how many chips we grabbed, but on our way home, I decided it would probably be more fun to make it a competition.

So this is how we do.  Whoever is able to correctly guess the number of paint chips in the pile will get a wonderful prize from the Bahamas.  Probably some fabulous arrangement involving seashells as a design concept, plastic palm trees and some sort of ridiculously pun-y slogan emblazoned across the mess in gold script.

Game is on: How many paint chips are in the pile?


18 responses to “Paint Chip Invasion

  1. That sounds beautiful! You must post a picture when it’s done. Please!

  2. 67?! I feel like that may be too low of a guess….either way, excited to see the final product!
    Much love,

  3. I’m going to guess 137.
    Have fun on your cruise!

  4. Holy moly thats a lot. I am going to guess 100. Because its an even number, and it looks like you have a ton lol

  5. How fun! My guess is 186.

  6. I’m going to be the one who guesses ridiculously low and say 37. Yeah, why not.
    Sounds exciting! Can’t wait to see the final product!

  7. Sarah Woessner

    34. Must be the number. No doubt. What an exciting project. I had no idea a ketubah could be designed to order. Special!

  8. I’m gonna go with 76. One time that number won me a whole jar of candy.

  9. i’m going on the low end with 47! 🙂 hope you are l-o-ving the bahamas!

  10. I’m going with 212. Just based on my own experience trying to paint my house.

  11. I am guessing on the low side also 51

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