I’ve Got Plans

I feel like the world is split this year.  We’re either making resolutions or setting goals.

Resolutions = Failure and Abandonment.

Goals = Attainable and Success!

To that end, I’ve got plans.  What ties them all together?  They’re 100% unnecessary and 100% for my own vanity.

In 2011, here’s what’s happening:

I want to learn how to do a proper Kate Middleton-style Smokey Eye.  Have you ever tried following the instructions on the back of the eye shadow compact?  The end result is something closer to streetwalker than sassy.  I can’t live my life that way anymore.

I’m going to Run a Marathon. I’m in the best shape of my life.  Right now I’m running 30+ miles a week, and in the last year, I put over a thousand miles on this body of mine.  A THOUSAND.  I am simultaneously astonished and insanely proud of how far I’ve come from the point of Avoiding Fitness At All Costs.  To that end, it’s time to do the 26.2.

I need to Buy More Shoes.  The girl who waits six months to buy a pair of heels that cost less than $100 is dead to me.

I’m (and by that I mean my proxy) going to Paint Our Bathrooms.  It’s a project that’s been on the docket for the last two years and what it will do for my peace of mind is immeasurable.  Hasta la vista, apricot.

What are your plans for 2011?


10 responses to “I’ve Got Plans

  1. I can’t wait to hear about your marathon training! You are going to do awesome 🙂 Any races in mind?

  2. Haha, good list of goals 🙂 Excited your marathon! Which one do you think you’ll do? You have come a long way! So proud of you.

  3. I’ve tried to follow the back of the eye shadow too, and agree it was just not right. Good lukc with the Marathon training and painting!

    Oh, and have you tried Shoe Dazzle? Might help you meet the plans for shoes…

  4. I am going to let my imagination run and create ideas – and then go after them. 2010 I kept them in my mind most the time. 2011, they need to come out and move me into action. So who know, this may be the year for some big changes and I would be quite alright with that!

    Happy New Year, Kat – you are right, this is going to be our year!
    Much love,

  5. Great plans for the year, and WAY TO GO with the marathon! I’m super impressed that you can log 30 + miles of running each week…that’s awesome! That’s such a fantastic goal! I’m just hoping to get a few 5Ks in 🙂

    Happy New Year 🙂

  6. I like making goals too! And wow, a marathon, that’s amazing! Keep us posted!

  7. WOW, 1000 miles?! That’s amazing!!! I have a goal to run a marathon as well although I’m not logging in *that* many miles yet. 😛 Good luck to you and happy new year!

  8. So…which marathon do you have your eye on? So excited for you! And I love the WWCGD? I think the key is having a friend crazier then you.

  9. I’m SO excited you are going to run a marathon!
    I need to get to that place where I don’t avoid exercise at all costs.
    You go girl

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