But first, a tale.

Before I tell y’all about how I became so taken with The Spirit of Productivity today, a Christmas Day tale.

So, last year, Billy Regretsy-ed me.  It was hysterical and bizarre and wonderful.  All at once.  We all know that lightening doesn’t strike twice, even though sometimes it kind of does.

So instead of being deterred like any other mortal, he communed with The Seller and had these little treasures commissioned.

The Queen of Hearts and Alice. 

There are no word to describe this sort of craftsmanship.

For some reason, this Christmas I felt like the house was completely overrun by Mess and Clutter.  Maybe it’s because we really weren’t At Home for the last week.  Or maybe, it’s because I underestimated the havoc that two laundry baskets full of presents can wreak on the well-organized home.

By 3 PM, the entire mess had been sorted into Keep, Return, Hostess Gift and White Elephant piles.  Sometimes you have to make your Type A-tendencies work for you.

I also learned that now you can pay library fines online.  Thank God for the miracles of technology and the Sage Advising of Trudy behind the desk at the library.

What happens to your Christmas presents once they make it home?

We really do keep most of our gifts (2010 might be one of the most thoughtful on record), and this year is actually the first year that we’ve attempted large-scale re-distribution.


14 responses to “But first, a tale.

  1. I love the terra cotta queen of hearts! I am going to check these out.

  2. Haha, very fabulous in deed! I love Alice in Wonderland, truly one of my all time favorites. Generally, I keep every last thing I’m given. Maybe I’m blessed with good gifters 🙂

  3. Hoping you and your family had a very Merry Christmas! (It sure sounds like you did!)

  4. Those gift piles are pure genius. I like that your brother stuck with a theme. He may just keep that artist in business.

  5. I am so bad with my library returns, I always manage to get a fine. Reminds me I should go and check the due dates.

  6. You can pay parking tickets online, too 😛

  7. You’re going to end up having a whole collection of those terra cotta things, aren’t you?
    And my sister and I usually receive a lot of clothes, so we try things on, see if they fit, and put things in piles to return if needed. I hate returning gifts though.

  8. Most of our Christmas presents are pretty thoughtful, so we keep most of all of them. There are the rare gift that ends up in the regifting closet.

  9. LOL love the piles. I always feel the need to declutter after Christmas!

  10. I am just as Type-A as you are! I do the pile system as well and today I am hauling a bunch of stuff down to the Salvation Army. Sometimes we get nice things but they just aren’t our style and I don’t usually re-gift unless it’s to my own child of course. 🙂

    Decluttering after Xmas is the best way to start the new year!!

  11. Hi! I just wanted to let you know I gave you a little blog award on my blog- check it out! 🙂

  12. For the most part, we use a good chunk of our gifts. This year we are struggling because Wee ‘Burb has an entire room of toys. I mean it, a ROOM full. I had to buy more toy bins for her. We wanted to return some, but felt bad because she really does like everything she got and she does switch a lot. So right now our solution is to just rotate the toys and do the same if we have another baby, and then pass them on to other couples we know and donate them.

  13. It is pretty bad, but I usually pick out most of my gifts prior to Christmas. So, I do not have many that I return or regift. This also means that my house is very cluttered right now! My goal before New Years is to do a little de-cluttering!!!

  14. I was so good about returning my library books this year… until I wasn’t, and I owed over 20 bucks 😦

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