Daily Archives: 12.24.2010

Pre-Night Before Christmas

It’s Christmas time.

And Spot loves it.

If it was possible to be Varsity at loving Christmas, Spot would be the captain of the team.

List of things we know he is not: Olive - The Other Reindeer or a Christmas Elf.

Wrapping presents, unwrapping presents, chewing the ribbons off of presents, gnawing on the branches of the Christmas tree,  ousting Baby Jesus from the manger scene…you name it, he’s on it.

For him, it is the most wonderful time of the year.

Spot’s four-footed ways aside, this morning we went to brunch at Marcus’ Aunt’s house to meet the newest family member, Baby Greta.

And, because we all remember my winning way with children, I made sure to get a snap of the occasion.

Infant aside, can we all agree that the natural light in this room is amazing?

I don’t want to say that she knew she was having her picture taken.

But she knew she was having her picture taken.

And immediately after those snaps, I looked at David and Sue and told them that they could have one too.

In five years.

‘Tis the season, people.

Christmas Celebrants, what are your plans?

This morning we had brunch with Marcus’ fam, and in all of five minutes I’ll be off to my Uncle’s house to see my extended family.  Tomorrow morning we’ll have an immediate family brunch in which we’ll open presents, and then Marcus’ immediate family will join us for Christmas dinner.