A Dose of Luxury

Happy Friday, lovelies!

If you’re on The Frozen Tundra, then you’ve spent the majority of your week in the hell that is rush hour.

Fact: On Wednesday, for the first time ever while driving, I flipped someone the bird.  Yes, I’m one of those people who is afraid that the driver they give the finger to will have a gun in their glove compartment.

But if someone tried to sideswipe you in their forest green mini-van, you’d probably be compelled to do the same.

I like to think that I really made it count.

For those members of the group who haven’t been trapped behind the wheel, I hope you’ve made the most of your extra hours by engaging in craft, mirror-gazing or other vanities.  Gold stars all-around.

In the Spirit of Friday, since yesterday felt like a Friday, I feel like basking in some of life’s little luxuries.

So here’s what I can’t live without that makes life worth living:

  • Champagne. I always try to keep a four-pack of Cook’s around.  You never know when a splash of the bubbly is going to be just the thing to right your world.  Plus, a mini-bottle means you never have to feel overly-committed to the whole thing.
  • Good chocolate. If I have learned nothing else from the food blogging community in the last year, it’s that you absolutely must be armed to the teeth at all times with high-quality chocolate.
  • Black stilettos. Even if you can’t afford designer clobber, you’ll never go wrong if you have a completely unreasonable pair of sky-high black heels.  Or that’s my theory, anyway.  Next to a strand of pearls, they’re probably The Best investment you can make in your wardrobe.
  • Great recipes. You might be snowed in.  You might need to be That Friend at the potluck who brings The Best Dish Ever.  You might want to treat yourself to something wonderful.  I always try to have a mental list running of recipes that I’d just love to try.  This weekend?  Cake Batter Bark (I can’t remember who dropped this one into my comment bin, but Thank You!) is on deck and Cookie Dough Dip is in the hole.

What are the little luxuries you can’t live without?


12 responses to “A Dose of Luxury

  1. A great pair of skinnies. Fabulous boots. Exquisite winter coat. And like you, champagne and chocolate need to be on the list.
    Much love,

  2. Ohmigod, the cake batter bark looks so delicious. Why are we with guys who don’t like desserts again? 😛

  3. Haha! The other day I was trying to find a parking spot, for what seemed like forever, when a huge van came down the one way parking isle. There was no room for me to get past him, or him to get past me, so one of us had to back out. I was the closest I have ever been to COMPLETELY FLIPPING OUT on someone!

    Queen Anne’s chocolate covered cherries.

    Happy holidays! 😀

  4. I will raise you on good chocolate and say any good treat – brownie, blondie, cupcake, ice cream . . . the list is nearly endless. And washing machines and dishwashers are a must!

  5. A fireplace on a cold, cold winter ‘s day! Or a hot shower on a cold, cold winter’s day. There’s nothing like the feeling of getting warm after being completely cold!

  6. Hmmm, you have some good ones! I would have to say red wine, ice cream and going out to eat for really, really good food! Have a great weekend!

  7. That cake batter chocolate bark looks so good, may just have to make it this weekend!

  8. I’m not gonna lie to you, I love all things cookie dough, but that dip grossed me out.
    I can’t wait to hear how it turns out.

  9. oh man. sorry about the traffic altercation 😦 cold nasty snowy weather can really be the bane of your existence. i do NOT miss it at all.
    i remember driving in that slushy snowy crap in wisconsin AND in the mountains of colorado. most scared i’ve ever been driving.

    luxuries=i guess my standard of luxurious is a bit lower, but sometimes i just HAVE to have high end laundry soap with fabric softener IN it, then also use liquid fabric softener on the rinse cycle, AND fabric softener dryer sheets in the dryer.
    i’m a nerd. i know 🙂

  10. I currently cant live without my food processor lol Or chocolate, scarves and cute boots. I find that when I am having a really bad day, coming home and giving something a good grind in my food processor has a way of making me smile.

  11. Great list of luxuries! Off the top of my head, my list of must-haves would include Burt’s Bee’s chapstick, natural peanut butter, my favorite pair of yoga pants, and (right now) Silk’s soy “egg” nog 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  12. Definitely can’t live without a myriad of chocolate at-the-ready, various blocks of cheese, lots of crackers, and about a case of wine in my arsenal at all times. I figure that prepares me for anything.

    Something cathartic about flipping someone off that truly deserves it. Not that I do it, anymore. I *did* get shot at once for flipping someone off on the freeway in the city, once. Luckily the guy was not only a sucky driver, but a poor shot as well. I didn’t totally realize what had happened for a few miles. We definitely didn’t stop to assess the damage. It’s funny, now.

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