Daily Archives: 12.16.2010


Friends, tonight I’m beyond scatter-brained.

Enter: Potpourri!

In spite of the Excessive Dryness that’s all but destroyed my mitts (we’re talking Lizard skin, the likes of which I’ve never seen before), I’ve been enjoying Excellent Hair for the last week.  If you take nothing else away from this post, do some deep conditioning on the weekends.

Trust me, it helps.

Drugstore Divas: I use the kind sold by Fructis.  It comes in a green tube.

This morning, a co-worker was having a real downer of a day (or more like the culmination of a real downer of a week), so I hopped-to and quickly actioned this sort of arrangement.

You might think it clashes, but 1. You can never go wrong with a single-initial monogram as a design concept. 2. The snowflakes make it seasonal.

In the professional sphere, it’s essential to be able to make fast work of a piece of heavy printer paper and a set of highlighters.  Aesthetic is secondary to spirit.

But when I’m not speed-creating Hallmark originals, aesthetic is everything.

Yes, y’all called it.  It was time for another wallpaper-change on my phone.  Mother nature says no to aqua blue in the winter.

Red berries.  How seasonal.  I should probably be focusing my efforts on finding something tropical for the new year.  But I’m trying to live in the present.

The present means things that Cardinals and Chickadees might feast upon.

No, I’m not attempting to make my phone into a bird feeder.

But if anyone’s looking for an un-tapped market on Etsy, feel free to hit that one.  My gift to you.

After addressing the most important issues of the day, I ventured to Sao Thome.

It’s been a few days and these little squares were singing their siren song to me from the pantry.

I’d love to say that I picked this bar because I’m really fascinated by the region that it originated in.  But really, I had no idea of where Sao Thome was until I checked it out on the little pamphlet-map.  Apparently it’s on the western coast of Africa?

Go figure.

You learn new things every day.

Have you ever rocked the highlighter-card before?

Thursday, 12/16/10: Longest Thursday that felt like a Friday ever?  Or longest Thursday that felt like a Friday ever?