Daily Archives: 12.06.2010

Engagement Pictures!

Most important order of business today: I finally found an Elephant in my safari of a vitamin jar.

It’s been how many days now?  I was seriously starting to think that the label on the container was lying and that maybe there were only hippos and lions in that jungle.

Tonight was a whirlwind, so I thought this would be the perfect time to share our engagement pictures with y’all.  We had them taken at St. Anthony Main on an unseasonably warm day at the beginning of November.  It was in the 60s, which was amazingly perfect for outdoor shots since we had no intention of wearing coats.  We actually got the pictures back a couple of weeks ago, but since then, we’ve focused most of our efforts on admiring them instead of pasting them up everywhere for the world to see.

The time is now.

For those of you in the cities who are looking for someone who is great with a camera, our photographer was (and is!) Jennifer Whalen.  I actually know Jen from college – we had a class together at the very beginning of Freshman year and ironically we ended up working at The Daily together.  I really can’t say enough good things about her and her work, so if you’re in Minnesota and are on the hunt, definitely check her out.

The ones I’m sharing here were the “finalists” for our save-the-dates, since we ended up with ~150 proofs and even my unbridled narcissism has its limits.

Trivial Question: Does anyone have any favorite canned soups?  I had an absolutely abominable can of Chicken Noodle from Trader Joe’s today.  I can’t subject myself to that again.