Like the Stone Age


This would be my biggest effort at coherent cookie-design.

So, today I got to bake Christmas cookies en masse with Tiffany, Tawny, Michelle and a couple of other lovely ladies.

I ate my weight in frosting.  It was fabulous.

I had a really great post typed up for today too.  I re-hashed last night’s Ugly Sweater party, the inappropriate amounts of Nouveau Beaujolais that I consumed (I am now the luckiest person on the planet), and how epic the Sugar Cookie Dough Balls were.

But thanks to Comcast, not only has my humble abode been plunged into technological darkness, but the entire Midwest has been transformed into an Internet dark age.

How does that even happen in 2010?

So instead, here I am pecking on my DROID X at 10:30 PM from the comfort of my blanket burrito.  I’m positive that the only thing that can come from this arrangement is some extremely bizarre form of Carpal Tunnel.

How thrilling.

In the midst of this pestilence, my only solace is in the fact that today I had Really Great Hair.

Internet/Technology horror stories.  Go.

Really, the irony in all of this is that if I still had my BlackBerry, I’d be able to dock it to my netbook and enjoy Totally Normal (albeit, slow) Internet.

Hammer and Chisel are really the only reliable way to go these days. Or those Dixie cups you connect with a string.


4 responses to “Like the Stone Age

  1. Anything and everything that has to do with comcast is a bad story. I’m sorry, but they’re a bad, bad company! I have plenty of stories.

    And your tree looks cute!!

  2. My girls & I are doing cookie-fest this coming weekend. Wine & creativity will be flowing. It’s the only way, really.

    I heard about the Comcast blackout. There are no words…

  3. Cute cookie 🙂 Sorry to hear about the situation there, hope it’s better now! But, being from Iowa, I know that you might find a lot of babies conceptions will be traced back to this moment in time . . . are you next Kat? 😉

  4. I am totally baking sugar cookies this weekend for a party and want to get creative with the frosting. Wannaknow a secret though? I have never actually frosted a cookie. Sure I have slabbed some on with a knife before throwing it into my mouth, but I have never made it decorative, ya know what I mean? Your little tree is so cute, I am really hoping I can pull something off like that!

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