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I’ve Got Plans

I feel like the world is split this year.  We’re either making resolutions or setting goals.

Resolutions = Failure and Abandonment.

Goals = Attainable and Success!

To that end, I’ve got plans.  What ties them all together?  They’re 100% unnecessary and 100% for my own vanity.

In 2011, here’s what’s happening:

I want to learn how to do a proper Kate Middleton-style Smokey Eye.  Have you ever tried following the instructions on the back of the eye shadow compact?  The end result is something closer to streetwalker than sassy.  I can’t live my life that way anymore.

I’m going to Run a Marathon. I’m in the best shape of my life.  Right now I’m running 30+ miles a week, and in the last year, I put over a thousand miles on this body of mine.  A THOUSAND.  I am simultaneously astonished and insanely proud of how far I’ve come from the point of Avoiding Fitness At All Costs.  To that end, it’s time to do the 26.2.

I need to Buy More Shoes.  The girl who waits six months to buy a pair of heels that cost less than $100 is dead to me.

I’m (and by that I mean my proxy) going to Paint Our Bathrooms.  It’s a project that’s been on the docket for the last two years and what it will do for my peace of mind is immeasurable.  Hasta la vista, apricot.

When I find myself in situations where I’m surrounded by crazy bitches, I’m going to ask myself the question, WWCGD? Yes, you read that right, What Would Camille Grammer Do? Once the right answer reveals itself to me, I’ll probably have to act.

What are your plans for 2011?


Love the One You’re With

I know that I’ve done my best to avoid reflecting on the new year at all costs.

But with New Year’s Eve being tomorrow and all that, it’s probably time.

B. In The Know shared one of her favorite new finds, I Want to be Her! with the world a couple of weeks ago.

I think the concept is a simply amazing – y’all know I love watching fashion and personal style get deconstructed as much as the next girl.

But even though I was just tearing through the 22 looks that have been posted in the last two months, there was just something that was positively grating about the experience.

I.  Want.  To.  Be.  Her.

I absolutely love my life.

But I’ll be the first to admit, like anyone else, that every day there’s always something.

It’s bigger.

It’s better.

It’s faster.

It’s stronger.

It’s skinnier.

It’s shinier.

It’s wittier.

It’s prettier.

So for a moment, do me a favor and forget a lifetime’s worth.  How many times have we all been guilty of playing that game in the last year?

No more.

I refuse to make resolutions, and tomorrow I’ll lay out a battle plan and explain why.

But one thing I can promise all of you for 2011, is that instead of dying to be her, I’m going to make it mine.  Because if I am 11/10 at anything, it’s being me.

Tell me about a time you’ve Wanted To Be Her.

Honestly?  I’ve always wanted to be that girl who can run her hand through her hair and leave behind a silky mane, rather than a greasy mess that looks as if its been finger-combed and kitty-licked by a three-year old.

A true conundrum.

It’s rare that I lose the will to type.  But last night, that was pretty much the case.  Thank God pictures are worth the thousand words I didn’t take the time to tap out.

Our Reward: An Excedrin Hangover.  I spent part of the morning trying to figure out where that fit in relative to the more popular Sudafed and Nyquil hangovers.  My results are as of yet, inconclusive.

But now, a true conundrum.

We all know that as a part of my Drugstore Diva-hood, I don’t even embrace what could be described as a modicum of skincare.  Yes, I know that’s probably why I look pre-maturely 27, and why I should be rue-ing the day that I turn 30.

But that’s neither here nor there.

Yesterday, a co-worker and I had to take a moment in the ladies’ room to mourn the state of our skin.  In the 23 years I’ve spent on this earth, I have never experienced a winter as dry as this one.

To that end, despite my total domination of the Jergens bottle and my Ponds Night Cream (which usually yield totally appropriate results), I am still not winning the war.  And neither is she.

Please send help.  And an under-eye skin graft.

Separately, Jess @ A Taste of Confidence gave me the Stylish Blogger Award.  Thank you, lady!  It’s my first ever go-round with one of these – I’m so excited 🙂

As with any game worth playing, we have to play by the rules.  Since we already know that I’m Type A to the point of sorting presents, I think I’ve got the situation under control.  They are as follows…

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
  2. Share seven facts about yourself.
  3. Give the award to seven bloggers that you just love.
  4. Comment on their blogs and tell them that they won!

So, without further adieu, some things that y’all still don’t know about me…

  1. I despise the squeak that cotton balls make when you rub them together.
  2. The only television set that Marcus and I have on the main floor of our house is in the bedroom.  When we cook together, we actually listen to oldies music on the radio.  How old-school is that?
  3. I’ve never worn my UGGs without socks on.  I know they’re allegedly warmer that way, but quite honestly, I find the situation to be totally uncomfortable.
  4. I’m scared to death of getting a professional pedicure because if some killer bacterial infection doesn’t get me, I’m afraid that they’ll take off my running callouses.  They’re not hot, but I really need them.
  5. The only reason I stopped biting my fingernails in eighth grade is because I got braces and it became physically impossible.  Retrospectively, I probably didn’t need braces.  But I got a nice pair of mitts out of the deal.  Most expensive way to break a habit.  Ever.
  6. When I was little and still in ballet, I used to do grand jetes in the freezer aisle of the grocery store.  Sometimes I still do grand jetes in the freezer aisle of the grocery store.
  7. Everything in my closet is organized by first by style (cut, length, type of garment, etc.) and then color in Roy G. Biv fashion.  And yes, I still use Roy G. Biv to determine what’s what.

Kittens, I have a crazy-case of Sadie Hawkins syndrome (that really could have been a fact of its own) so, you’re all tagged!  Feel free to bring the award to your blog, or spill your facts in the comments.

What sort of moisturizer do you swear by?

Turban Time


I know, some of you are wondering Kat, wtf is going on here? 

For what it’s worth, me too.

But The Migraine Turban happens.

And when trying on a cocktail dress in an improbable size happens at the same time, we learn yet another one of the many definitions for The Perfect Storm.

What we can take away from this: I am both shameless and adept at multi-tasking.

With that, it’s really time for me to go and sleep this one off.

Do you get migraines?

What is your go-to headache remedy?

I usually do a combo of The Turban, some Excedrin (Imitrex doesn’t work for me…go figure.) and a lot of water.

Shades of Grey

I’m not a detox-er by nature, but it’s safe to say that my body is appreciating my return to keeping regular hours, appropriate amounts of fitness (AKA Operation: Run Until My Legs Fall Off is over until next Thanksgiving) and the embrace of a food pyramid that doesn’t make its base of salted butter and sugar that have been creamed together on a low setting.


Since this week is New Years’ and all that jazz, I figure there will be a fair amount of mental heavy-lifting later this week as I attempt to recollect the fantastically beautiful mess that was 2010.

Until then, something somewhat less taxing.

You see, despite the fact that I spend the majority of every month getting just buried under magazines, eventually I get around to reading them.  And most of the time, with a little bit of elbow grease and a lot of luck, I manage to tuck them away by the end of said month.

Roll with me.

Even if you didn’t see Ma Vie en Rose (I definitely fall into that category), I think we all fell in-love with Marion Cotillard when she wore that gorgeous, scale-patterned Jean Paul Gaultier frock to the Academy Awards in 2008.  Her look was just heartbreakingly perfect.

So imagine my surprise when I found her Shades of Grey for Lady Dior ad campaign stalking me across the pages of Vogue. And ELLE. And Vanity Fair.  And W.

Yeah, Marion and I, we’ve been spending a lot of quality time together.


I think that what I love about her look here, is that it just seems so…attainable.  Even though that’s kind of the standard for luxury accessories.

I mean, yes, she might be in the London Eye with a Dior bag in-tow.  But her look is more GUESS by Marciano than Versace.  More Kate Bosworth than Kate Moss.  I attribute it to the Superior Hair.

Regardless, I’m addicted.

Do you do a post-holiday detox?

Advertisement-lovers, what’s the best print ad you’ve seen lately?

But first, a tale.

Before I tell y’all about how I became so taken with The Spirit of Productivity today, a Christmas Day tale.

So, last year, Billy Regretsy-ed me.  It was hysterical and bizarre and wonderful.  All at once.  We all know that lightening doesn’t strike twice, even though sometimes it kind of does.

So instead of being deterred like any other mortal, he communed with The Seller and had these little treasures commissioned.

The Queen of Hearts and Alice. It's like Terror Cotta on crack.

There are no word to describe this sort of craftsmanship.

For some reason, this Christmas I felt like the house was completely overrun by Mess and Clutter.  Maybe it’s because we really weren’t At Home for the last week.  Or maybe, it’s because I underestimated the havoc that two laundry baskets full of presents can wreak on the well-organized home.

By 3 PM, the entire mess had been sorted into Keep, Return, Hostess Gift and White Elephant piles.  Sometimes you have to make your Type A-tendencies work for you.

I also learned that now you can pay library fines online.  Thank God for the miracles of technology and the Sage Advising of Trudy behind the desk at the library.

What happens to your Christmas presents once they make it home?

We really do keep most of our gifts (2010 might be one of the most thoughtful on record), and this year is actually the first year that we’ve attempted large-scale re-distribution.

With Full Hearts

Jingle Bell Rock, kittens.

I had this vision that with the boundless amounts of time that a long weekend brings, I’d be able to post my little heart-out.

In a haze of egg nog, nut goody bars, good wine and fondue, I think it’s safe to say that we all know what actually happened.

As promised.

I didn’t get Regretsy-ed again this year, but it was close.  Tomorrow, photos and a full explanation of what exactly it takes to get me to laugh so hard I’m moved to tears in under 30 seconds.

That moment aside, as we finished opening our gifts this morning, I couldn’t help but look at Mom, Dad, Billy and Marcus and to think, We are so blessed.

Whether your holiday celebrations are big or small, I hope your hearts are full right now.

I know mine is.