Today was the longest and most terrible of Mondays.

And basically at this point, having assessed that this could be one of the most insane weeks on record for my life at That Place Where I Spend 40 Hours A Week, I’ve come up with a new goal to carry me over until Friday.

Any part of this week that I can salvage, I will.

But this didn’t come until I’d spent a great deal of time wallowing, lest y’all think that I’ve reached some sort of Pinnacle Of Enlightenment.  Because that’s really not the case.

Enter: Alamos.

Okay…so maybe wine is a Pinnacle Of Enlightenment.

In The Spirit Of Pampering.  You know.

But y’all know I had to keep this show on the road.

After a brief assessment of HBO On Demand this evening (selections included Paulie…yes the one about the talking parrot), I ended up settling on Whip It with Ellen Page.  I think it got kind of mediocre ratings, but I’ll be the first to admit, I think it’s kind of cute.

How was your first day of work/school back from The Holiday Weekend?


12 responses to “Salvageable

  1. My Monday was eerily quiet, which means nothing good for the rest of my week.

    I’ll be joining you in some vino tomorrow night! I like Malbec, that one looks good, may have to try.

  2. My work day was fine, nothing too crazy. However, I just could not get to sleep since my routine was all bent out of shape. An eight-hour workday with an hour plus of driving time on five hours of sleep is just isn’t right.

    Carry on, girl. Carry on.

  3. I’m sorry your Monday wasn’t “zen-like”. I hope you survive the rest of the week!

    My Monday was very relaxing. I had the day off, after the long weekend at “the store.” I watched some TV, bought some holiday decorations, watched SATC 2, and drank some white wine with a block of parmesan cheese. I’m hoping it will get me through the week until my next day off on Saturday. 😉

  4. I read this whilst already a glass deep into a bottle for myself. In fact, I should say that this post perfectly reflects all sentiments I have about today.

    I already told you that this Monday was a “I want to quit my job” sorta day. Too bad there are things like rent, health insurance, Christmas gifts, etc.
    Sometimes I kinda hate Capitalism

  5. I liked that movie too, and guess what, so did my husband!

  6. I hope the rest of week is surprising “salvageable!” Or if it’s not, that you have plenty of good wine and indulgent movies to balance it out!

  7. A good Malbec goes a long way toward salvaging a bad day. I hope it gets better.

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  9. Sorry for the bad day 😦 Mine wasnt bad, just LONG. And I didnt get a work out in which made it feel like a wasted day. Lame. Monday usually suck though, except for when football is on. But last nights game sucked so it made Monday even worse lol

  10. I hope you had a better day today! I agree with you that the Monday’s back from vacation are tough!! Whip it (Evan and I loved that movie!) and wine sounds like a perfect night to me!

  11. I love your wine Pinnacle of Enlightenment! Hilarious 🙂 My Monday and Tuesday have been unfortunately slow after an awesome holiday weekend. At least tomorrow means we’re halfway through the week already!

  12. That was a good movie! I’m never quite sure if I like Ellen Page, then I watch her in a movie, and I’m like, “Hey! She’s good!”

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