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And it was revealed.

Friends, another day, another dollar.  Or really, another day, another horror show.

Last night, Alamos.

Tonight, better living through glee.  The season finale of 19 Kids and Counting. And a frozen peanut butter cup cupcake from Sweet Retreat.

Simple pleasures.  Or therapy.  Your call.

Then, like a light from the heavens, IT was revealed to me via commercial break on TLC.  And by IT, I mean Bama Belles.  The reality TV I’ve been searching for to fill the hole in my heart since Rock of Love: Bus and More to Love went off the air.

Suffice it to say, it’s a pretty big hole to fill.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, not all of my TV-watching needs can be dictated by the somewhat screwy whims of the network and cable TV gods.

The Victoria’s Secret Annual Fashion Show was tonight.  It’s really NOT a fashion show, but I love sequins, wings and pretty things so I love it just the same.  I always forget about it until the last-minute, but Thank God For DVR.  Marcus had class, so onto the weekend to-do list it goes.

Guilty Pleasure: What’s your all-time favorite trash-TV show to watch?

Fashion show watchers, who is your favorite angel?

Mine is Miranda Kerr for sure.


Today was the longest and most terrible of Mondays.

And basically at this point, having assessed that this could be one of the most insane weeks on record for my life at That Place Where I Spend 40 Hours A Week, I’ve come up with a new goal to carry me over until Friday.

Any part of this week that I can salvage, I will.

But this didn’t come until I’d spent a great deal of time wallowing, lest y’all think that I’ve reached some sort of Pinnacle Of Enlightenment.  Because that’s really not the case.

Enter: Alamos.

Okay…so maybe wine is a Pinnacle Of Enlightenment.

In The Spirit Of Pampering.  You know.

But y’all know I had to keep this show on the road.

After a brief assessment of HBO On Demand this evening (selections included Paulie…yes the one about the talking parrot), I ended up settling on Whip It with Ellen Page.  I think it got kind of mediocre ratings, but I’ll be the first to admit, I think it’s kind of cute.

How was your first day of work/school back from The Holiday Weekend?

An Appearance of Effort

Fellow survivors, welcome.

I know I can’t be the only one who feels like by the time that Sunday rolls around on Thanksgiving weekend, we’ve finally “made it.”

Not that I’m complaining.  I can’t remember the last time I spent four days going to bed without setting an alarm in the morning.

Snuggled in sweatshirts.

Reading magazines.

Eating chocolate.

I’ll spare you the highlights reel of the part of my day where I did laundry and went grocery shopping.  As fascinating as that was.

Marcus had an impromptu-Football get-together this afternoon with a couple of guy friends.  I convinced them to pass on ordering pizza in-favor of a pair of strombolis.

In the mess: Re-purposed crescent roll dough filled with pesto, pepperoni, caramelized onions and cheese.

They’re lovely for parties because you can fill them with whatever you’d like, and with the pseudo-braiding/weaving they look time-consuming.

I KNOW I can’t be the only person to factor in the amount of effort-appearance of effort ratio when I cook.

How often do you get wrangled into making game day treats?

What’s an easy go-to recipe you love to make that really looks like you put in more effort than you should have?

p.s. A huge thank you for your gifting-suggestions.  Y’all are lifesavers!

A Cautionary Tale

Much like the animals of The Frozen Tundra, I’ve spent the day eating and sleeping.

Hibernation is near.

Thus, it is time for a cautionary tale.

So, Hanukkah is coming up, right?

And I, being Little Miss Ideas, told Marcus that I didn’t want to spend a lot on gifts this year.

Some might call that self-sabotage, but I think it’s fine.  There’s just not a ton that’s been catching my eye in stores (as was evidenced by my Black Friday haul) and quite honestly, we both dissolve into fits of anxiety when we’re trying to pick out The Perfect Gift for one another.

How unnecessary.

Since I didn’t celebrate Hanukkah as a youth, I think the idea of eight days of presents is absolutely hysterical.  In the spirit of that and thrift, I suggested that we do eight days of $5 gifts.

Which is great, except for the fact Lindsey has been really on-the-ball with gift ideas and suggestions for Marcus.  According to her, he’s totally done figuring it all out.

And here I am, racking my brain trying to figure out the perfect gifts for my sweets-despising, non-coffee drinking man.

This is not how I thought it was going to go.

After a ’bout of inspiration last night, I got a good start on his presents, but I’m definitely three or four presents behind.

Not good.

As per the usual, Internet, I need your help.

What are the gifting traditions that you and your family (or boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance/husband/wife) have?

$5 gift suggestions for a 27 year-old man.  Go.

Is it wracking or racking your brain? The internet couldn’t give me a coherent answer, so I just took a shot into the dark.

Creatures of the Night

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, so the Gingerbread Coffee had to come out of the pantry today, where it has been waiting patiently for the last two weeks.

Pumpkin Spice, I just want you to know that it’s not you, it’s me.

It should come as no surprise to you all that Black Friday shopping this year was a freaking party since Minnesota was having the coldest Thanksgiving since like…1985 and I had the most terrible stomach cramp in recent memory.

Billy and I sporting our Traditional Battle Gear.

But you’re a far more effective shopper if you’re walking around the mall freezing your face off while you’re doubled over in pain.  It also allows you to really mean it when you glare at someone for trying to trample you.

The haul: A white jacket shot through with gold threads and giant gold buttons (it’s sort of a Chanel-style cut) from Banana Republic for $13.  I still have absolutely no idea of where I’ll sport it, but I needed to own it out of principal.  Not shockingly, I also brought home a Ralph Lauren shawl-collar gray men’s pullover.  Total Cost: $47.57.


Shoppers, what DEALS did you end up getting?

Non-shoppers, what was the most humorous/awkward part of your family feast?

Thankful x 5

This morning I ran my 1st annual Treadmill in the Basement Turkey Trot.

Obviously I brought my A-game.

While I did miss having Marcus hold my “Run Like You Stole It,” sign (it’s a race-staple in this house), I think Marcus didn’t mind the extra hour of sleep.  And, after realizing that running with cold feet (as in, the literal physical sensation, not the idiom) is really not my cup of tea, it just seemed like the best of all possible solutions for all parties involved.

Since no race morning is really complete without a festive post-race brunch, Marcus and I had some Breakfast Enchiladas to round the whole affair out.

Foodies, before y’all get excited about what this could mean for new breakfast-ing habits, I have a confession to make.  You should know that by Breakfast Enchilada, I mean that I rounded up some leftovers from the fridge, microwaved them on high for 2 minutes and served.


In the Spirit Of The Holiday, I’ll be doing a repeat of last year’s Thankful x 5.  Obviously I’m thankful for Marcus, our families, our friends, our health and the fact that we have a roof over our heads.  But I figure y’all will be getting bombarded with enough things like that.  So, here goes!

  1. My hairstylist, Tim. And yes, I know that this makes me a thankfulness-repeater a la last year.  If there’s one thing I can count on when I wake up in the morning,  it’s that I’ll never have a bad hair day.  It sounds trivial, yes.  But I don’t think it’s really possible to over-exaggerate how stress-free my morning routine has become.
  2. Brooks Ravenna Running Shoes. I did not know it was possible to wear shoes that feel like a natural extension of my body.  But I’m fairly certain that if I had hooves, this is what it would be like.
  3. Gray Suede Nail Polish. Despite the fact that I’m waging a constant battle to keep my mitts and paws in order, the fact of the matter is this: my nails chip like crazy.  I paint them one day and the next day, some sort of horrible fate has befallen them.  Enter: Gray Suede.  The color is such that it camoflauges most chips and buys me a couple days of well-manicured goodness.
  4. Chocolate Chips. They are the original fun-sized candy.  Just want one?  Go for it.  Want the entire bag?  It’s fine because they’re tiny!  Marcus has watched me take those little devils down on too many nights and for whatever reason, I feel a bit like a little kid when I do it.
  5. My 800,000 magazine subscriptions. So what if I spend most of my life feeling buried up to my ears in print?  It’s just SO luxurious to sit down and read a magazine with a glass of wine after a day at work.  Staring at a computer screen is all right and good, but good God, I really love turning pages, circling things and ripping good ideas (and perfume samples) out. 

Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies!  And, for love of all that is right and good in this world, wear elastic waistband-pants today 🙂

Not-Black Wednesday

Tomorrow, I’ll get all rah-rah on being thankful and such.

But Marcus’ brother Adam is home and we have some pre-Thanksgiving family-feasting to accomplish. 

Yes, I’m really using that as a theme this week.

In the meanwhile, to mentally prepare yourselves for Black Friday shopping, join me as I remember the Black Friday pilgrimages of seasons past: The Snowglobe is a Real Must-Have and DEALS!

For those who already are thankful, check out TREX’s thoughts on what Thanksging means for her family and Ameena’s efforts to give her daughter a dose of the real world for Thanksgiving in The Big Apple.

A bit of housekeeping: If you’re planning on doing any online shopping at all in the next month, it’s time to sign up for EbatesWhat they won’t do: Ask for your credit card information, social security number or anything else that’s invasive like that.  What they will do: Ask for your first and last name, an address (to mail the check to) and an e-mail address.  Every time the shopping bug strikes, go to Ebates, find the retailer you wanted to shop-it-out at, and click-through.  Plus as a lovely bonus (as if the free money isn’t good enough), they’ll provide you with up-to-date discount/coupon code information as well!

Black Friday: Will you make it happen?