Hasta la Vista Halloween

As a wrap-up to the festivity of Halloween, a snap from last night’s party at Jenelle’s.

In the mix: Sookie, Michele Duggar, a bumble bee, a ballerina who hates pink, a runner, a geisha (complete with shot glass belt) and Little Red Riding Hood.

In abundance: Halloween-themed shots, candy corn party mix and the quintessential basket of fun-sized candies.  Twix and I?  BFFFFFs.

This morning (a la 7 AM), Marcus and Mike drove down to Southern Minnesota to play in the 16th Annual Hallowinona Ultimate Frisbee Tournament.

Translation: I got to have the day to myself.

And apparently a day of leisure translates to a day of feasting, which would totally explain my need to tell you all about my eats.

I made a lunch I love, that Marcus would never find to be appetizing.

Lemon pepper salmon on wilted greens.  It was a ladies’ lunch.

For one.

I also enjoyed some quality time on the couch rocking the HBO On Demand.  Today’s selections?  The Lovely Bones and Revolutionary Road.

Obviously, it was an uplifting time.

For dinner, I halved a recipe of pizza crust and for good measure, did it up with half white flour and half whole wheat flour.  I tossed it into a pie tin and voila, personal pan pizza.

Verdict?  Highly recommend.  Either because it will keep you from ordering pizza in, or because it works out perfectly for his and hers pizzas.

Lest you think I was totally lazy, I’d like y’all to know that today was also a day of firsts.  I took the kitchen trash out all by myself.

In our house, though it’s unspoken,  Marcus is the Warlord of Bug Killing and Kitchen Trash Emptying.  I’m the Empress of Windex and Toilet Paper Roll Changing.

If you live with someone, do you split chores with them?

Which chores do you despise?


10 responses to “Hasta la Vista Halloween

  1. OMGoodness! That salmon looks amazing. I’m totally drooling. Hubby would never eat it, either. What is it with men?

    We definitely divide up the household duties. Not that we’ve ever discussed it, it just happens that way. Hubby is the keeper of the trash, and the yard warrior. I am the laundry fairy, and chief bathroom scrubber. Nothing glamorous, but it beats taking out trash and mowing the lawn, any day.

  2. Looks like the perfect way to relax and enjoy a day on your own! My husband and I split chores based on what we “prefer” to do most, and some chores we do together (like dishes and yard work!). We both love cooking, so that one isn’t considered a chore 🙂

    Happy Halloween!

  3. Haha, I’m hoping pumpkin carving is a learned talent because otherwise, I’ll never get any better ;]

    Looks like you had a fun Halloween! And whoot to days home alone!

    We’ve split up some chores (Chris hates working with chemicals, so I do the bathroom, and I dealing with the trash, so Chris does that), but others, like dishes and cleaning cat litter, we pretty much share. I’m home more, so I clean more, but Chris is always willing to lend a hand :]

  4. That salmon looks delish! I hate folding the laundry…it takes forever!

  5. They are no his or hers chores in our house, but Nate usually tends to the dishes, while I do the cooking. We both equally suck at staying on top of laundry; we’ll have mounds of dirty laundry that turn into mounds of clean laundry. From there, they’ll eventually turn into folded laundry that needs to be put away. By the time those get put away, we have the mounds of diry laundry again… Such a vicious cycle!

  6. Funny, yesterday while Mike was gone I set to domestic diva-ing all day: I did our laundry and dishes, took out the trash, and cleaned Maybelline’s cage. Mike seems to enjoy putting household duties off indefinitely, so I tend to take-charge with the cleaning and laundry-ing, but we stick to the Neiman family rule of whoever does the cooking is exempt from the cleanup!

  7. I love the Halloween costumes and that salmon looks wonderful! As for the chores, I HATE laundry!!!!! So, usually Evan takes care of that and I do the food shopping (for the most part). Good thing we each have a favorite chore (is there such a thing) that the other despises.

  8. Well considering I have only lived with my roommate for 1 night it’s pretty hard to tell lol. But I despise mopping one because I feel like it accomplishes nothing and the only true way to get the gunk of the floors is to get on your hands and knees and scrub. I wish floors cleaned themselves. :/

  9. Looks like you had fun! I just made pizza too; it’s the best. 😀

  10. Salmon is a “ladies lunch” meal in my house too! What is it with Salmon that men find so repulsive?! At least we love it! Your dish looks delicious! I’ll definitely have to try making it sometime soon.

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