Daily Archives: 10.31.2010

Hasta la Vista Halloween

As a wrap-up to the festivity of Halloween, a snap from last night’s party at Jenelle’s.

In the mix: Sookie, Michele Duggar, a bumble bee, a ballerina who hates pink, a runner, a geisha (complete with shot glass belt) and Little Red Riding Hood.

In abundance: Halloween-themed shots, candy corn party mix and the quintessential basket of fun-sized candies.  Twix and I?  BFFFFFs.

This morning (a la 7 AM), Marcus and Mike drove down to Southern Minnesota to play in the 16th Annual Hallowinona Ultimate Frisbee Tournament.

Translation: I got to have the day to myself.

And apparently a day of leisure translates to a day of feasting, which would totally explain my need to tell you all about my eats.

I made a lunch I love, that Marcus would never find to be appetizing.

Lemon pepper salmon on wilted greens.  It was a ladies’ lunch.

For one.

I also enjoyed some quality time on the couch rocking the HBO On Demand.  Today’s selections?  The Lovely Bones and Revolutionary Road.

Obviously, it was an uplifting time.

For dinner, I halved a recipe of pizza crust and for good measure, did it up with half white flour and half whole wheat flour.  I tossed it into a pie tin and voila, personal pan pizza.

Verdict?  Highly recommend.  Either because it will keep you from ordering pizza in, or because it works out perfectly for his and hers pizzas.

Lest you think I was totally lazy, I’d like y’all to know that today was also a day of firsts.  I took the kitchen trash out all by myself.

In our house, though it’s unspoken,  Marcus is the Warlord of Bug Killing and Kitchen Trash Emptying.  I’m the Empress of Windex and Toilet Paper Roll Changing.

If you live with someone, do you split chores with them?

Which chores do you despise?