Daily Archives: 10.30.2010

Fearless 5k

Walking it off in the parking lot post-race.

So, the 5k.

Really, it could have been worse.

And by that, I mean I didn’t puke before, during or after my run.

I also beat my last 5k time and finished in 28:47.  Fantastic stuff.

These small victories in mind, it was natural for me to celebrate by cashing in the Gear West gift certificate I won (at the last 5k I ran), to get a new pair of shoes.

It was anxiety-inducing, really.  I’ve known since the beginning of October that this day would come.  But today at mile two, I realized that the pair I got in July were totally cashed.  I love them to death (which is irrational for a pair of running shoes, I know), but I don’t love injury.

Purple. Shiny. New. Not my old pair. 😦

The good news?  I found out that I was running in shoes that were a half-size too small, and so when I was running, there wasn’t enough space in the front of my shoe my toes to spread.  That would explain the calluses on the tips of my toes.

Obviously I could have learned that sort of thing by actively seeking out information on running and fitness in-general, but y’all know that would totally ruin the clueless-vibe I’ve been rockin’ since January.

Runners: What’s the brand of shoes you can’t live without?

I thought I was an Asics girl, but once I put on my first pair of Brooks, I was positive that there was a little elf in a shoe factory somewhere custom-making shoes just for me.

Seriously Special Facts: Halloween Weekend Edition

Friends, I’ll be back with more later today, but we have a few issues of business to address a la confessional-style Fact.

  1. Fact: I’m still not entirely sure that running a 5K this morning is the most rational or appropriate decision, since my carb loading last night almost exclusively consisted of champagne and some boxed riesling.  On the bright side, I threw on so much mascara and eyeliner last night that today, I will have The Hottest eyes at the race.
  2. Fact: I was never really a drunk Facebook-er in college (after a party I wanted to stuff my face with McDonalds, not log on to the internet) and with the DROID X’s touch screen, it’s basically impossible to drunk text (or sleeply text).  But last night I was on the drunk blog commenting roll of the century.  So, if that’s how you find yourself here today, welcome :).  I like to think that it keeps things edgy.  Separately, has this ever happened to anyone else?

I’m off to go “Fuel” or whatever it is that the kids are into these days.  See you at the finish line, kittens!