Daily Archives: 10.28.2010

Dates & Fun…Shopping & Deals

Today was the busiest day, and I have so many fun pictures to show you from the “date” that Marcus and I got to go on tonight, care of one of his MBA instructors.

But frankly, I’m tired and it’s late.  So here’s a little peek at what we saw, and I’ll share the rest of these (there are lots) with you on Saturday!

I'll be totally honest, this picture right here is killing my father slowly in his chair right now.

But today was not only about dates and fun.

It was also about shopping.  And deals.

I’m really trying to sit on my hands until the Day After Thanksgiving, and more importantly, until after Christmas to really shop it out.  It will save me big-time monies, and quite honestly, most of the stuff I’d buy right now probably won’t fit properly after that point.

So it’s just best to practice self-control.

But, friends, I’ve been without a peacoat in my life for too long, really.  Especially since I live on The Frozen Tundra.

So when I found out that Old Navy was having a one day sale on outerwear, I was on it.

For $36.75 (including shipping!) that’s not too bad.

And, as I started shopping, I was so excited about the deal that I almost forgot to click-through to Ebates!  But I was SO glad that I did, because when I got to the site, I discovered that they were offering 8% cash back on Old Navy!  Hello?  Thank you free money! 

I’m not sure if I told y’all or not, but about a month ago, I got my first check back from them.  So if there was ANY shadow of a doubt about whether or not the site is legit, the verdict is in.  It is.  If you’re not a member of Ebates yet, it’s time kittens!

What’s the best deal you’ve found on clothes/accessories lately?

What’s the strangest/most “non-traditional” date you’ve been on in the past year?