Daily Archives: 10.27.2010

One-pot Mysteries: Solved

So I bought The Pioneer Woman Cooks for my birthday, right?

And then I spent the last month and a half gradually acquainting Marcus with the idea of homemade chili.  The man loves meat and the man loves beans.  But for some reason that the fates did not reveal to me until tonight, he was irrationally repulsed by the idea of mixing the two in a hearty sauce.

But there’s nothing better on a cold and windy day than a big pot of chili and all of the fixins.  So after work, once I hopped off the treadmill, I hopped onto Ree’s Simple, Perfect Chili. 

It was simple.  Perfect. 

It was also Marcus’ first chili night ever (which explains more than a lot).  I had no idea.  Until he surveyed the table (loaded with cornbread, honey, butter, shredded cheese, diced onion and plain greek yogurt…AKA fixins) and said, “So THIS is chili night.”


What’s your comfort food of choice when shivering season strikes?

p.s. Separately, given the magnitude of this news, I have no idea as to how it slipped my mind until now.  But I think it’s high time that we take a moment of silence for the passing of el Pulpo Paul.  His tentacled clairvoyance touched us all.