Daily Archives: 10.26.2010

I take it all back.

Internet, I take it all back.  The traffic yesterday was atrocious.

But when I got home yesterday, I didn’t come home to this.

Those six shingles would be the ones that happened to fall in the middle of our driveway. Lord only knows how many others came down.

WTF, Mother Nature?

Not cool.

I bet it will be really hassle-free to work through our association to get an insurance claim filed. 

Thankfully, we didn’t lose our power…though the lights did try to pull that flickering nonsense on me.

I didn’t want to have go all Laura Ingalls Wilder on the situation and break out the candles.  I couldn’t tell you to save my life where we might have a flashlight hiding (No lie, when the power went out in my apartment in March, I had to use the Flashlight app on my iPod Touch.).  But candles?  We have an entire drawer full.  It’s because we’re prepared like that.

In the spirit of uncertainty and comfort, tonight was a repeat dinner night.

Those happen more than you would think when Marcus is at class. 

Sometimes it’s nice to have a fast dinner.  Sometimes it’s nice to be able to make something for one meal without having to commit to days worth of leftovers for lunch and dinner.  It’s never for lack of options.

If it’s delicious, we feast.

1 piece of Trader Joe's garlic naan, shredded cheese, one tomato (for the base w/ s+p+evoo), garlic-stuffed green olives and red onion. Just delicious!

Like I said – if you haven’t done it, do it.  Now.

Confession Time: How frequently are you a dinner repeater?

Today, I actually ate the exact same meals that I had yesterday (Apple Cobbler Overnight Oats, Roasted Fall Veggies over Arugula w/ Bleu Chese and Balsamic Vinegar, and Naan Pizza).  But we already knew that I have no shame.