Hello, Monday.

An evening on the couch with Netflix On Demand (I don’t even know if The Duchess is any good, but that’s what I’m on right now.) has rendered me scatterbrained at best, so it’s likely time for another festive round of Potpourri!

Things I am NOT going to show you pictures of today…

  • My first naan pizza.  Above all other things, it was a mountain of green olives.  It was unattractive at best.  At the very least, it was delicious.  If you haven’t done it, yes, do it.
  • The inappropriate number of candy corn pumpkins I’ve been able to put away (they’re DEFINITELY better than regular candy corn).

I get my”normal” 7:30 – 4:30 work schedule back tomorrow.  Being able to sleep for an extra half-hour was most appreciated for the past few days (and did worlds for my relaxation levels), but it also served to remind me as to why I prefer my regular schedule so much more.

Separately, we’ve managed some insane streak like a month without rain.

So naturally, we ended up with a thunderstorm today that was completely unexceptional, but managed to destroy any semblance of a normal traffic pattern in the cities.  Instead of 30-40 minutes to get home, I was definitely in the car for an hour. 

NOT okay.

I don’t mind the daily drive, but stop and go (or totally parked) traffic just kills me.  Furthermore, fellow drivers seemed to think that merging-signals and turn lights were optional.

The horn was used.

Do you have to commute?  What sort of traffic drives you up the wall?

Your thoughts on candy corn…Do you prefer the “regular” kind or the pumpkins?


12 responses to “Potpourri!

  1. After complaining about my awful commute for the past 2 years I thought I would really appreciate the metro system and it would make my commute easy. What it has really taught me is there is not such thing as a perfect commute. Even with the metro there are issues (no control if you get stuck in a tunnel for 10 min. waiting for another train to pass, they randomly decide to de-board the entire train, being smashed up against strangers, etc.) Regardless I am trying to just learn to appreciate this time (in whatever form it is) as a moment in my day to just do nothing (and of course get in some excellent people watching!)
    p.s. as for candy corn, have you ever had it when it wasn’t the fall? Try it sometime…it just doesn’t seem to have the same appeal any other time of year

  2. From my door to my desk chair involves a short walk, short bus ride, short walk, long elevator ride. Total time: 24 minutes. It’s perfect. On the way home, I can walk two blocks out of my way to pick something up from the co-op for lunch or dinner. (but really, I should be biking!)


  3. I definitely think there is a positive linear relationship between the number of different types of transportation required and the relative terribleness of the commute. For example: Drive 5 minutes to train station, wait for train, ride train for 45 minutes, walk to bus, ride bus 20 minutes, walk to final destination… yes, that was probably the worst.

  4. I LOVE naan! Like beyond obbsession! It could be weird. I am not a fan of candy corn for some reason. It hurts my stomach most of the time so I am turned off from it.

  5. Tuesdays are my worst days for commutes because I travel around the metro area – aka up to two hours away. That gets me in my car nice and early and I am driving out of the cities so that helps make it a little more peaceful. However, when I run into traffic (like I did this am because apparently people do not know how to drive in rain – oh good night it will be bad once it is snow…) I am unable to use my horn becasue one day my horn decided to not stop and so some strange man unplugged it and thus I have no horn. This has been rough for me, but I am making do.

    Candy corn. Love it. Only once and awhile. The pumpkins are a little too much for me but they are much more delectiable to bite into from time to time.
    Much love,

  6. Pumpkins are SOOOO much better! I love them, and could probably eat an entire bag in a day. Kinda sick I know. I am heading to Target tonight, I may just have to grab a bag, or two 😉
    I used to have to commute for school and it SUCKED. Hence why I transfered to a closer school lol Paying for gas sucks, and traffic sucks. No thanks!

  7. For my teaching job, I have about a fifteen minute commute through a residential area– on a good day, it’s really good, but on a bad day, it’s bad. The roads are tiny and filled with curves, so it’s hard to pass cyclists (of which there are oh so many -_-), garbage trucks, or any roadwork because you can’t see if anyone’s coming at you. If you know your way through the neighborhood, it’s fine, but, if you don’t it’s a horrid maze that randomly turns into one-way streets, dead-ends, and places no one’s ever heard of unless you’re one of the super-wealthy inhabitants. Still, it’s only 15 minutes so I can’t complain too much.
    For my second job that I only do seasonally (hoping we can afford to quit that sucker), it’s about a 45 minute commute on the city’s worst highway. Going there, it’s not bad. Coming back takes over an hour. . . Horrible stop and go with no turn signals, random lane changes, and just general idiots all the way around. It’s hell when it rains, which, since this is Florida, is pretty much every afternoon in summer time. The company barely pays me enough in a day to justify the gas or the stress.

    Oh and candy corn?? Looooove it! I think I prefer the pumpkins, but it’s a hard choice. I just know I don’t like the chocolate candy corn . . .

  8. I love Naan pizza, I actually made one last night too! As for my commute, I take the “T” (which is the public transportation in Boston) and it is about 20 minutes from my house. It is not to bad, but the 10 minute walk to the train is kinda hard in the winter……

    Oh, I LOVE candy corns, any kind!!!

  9. I’ve been taking the trolley to my internship in downtown San Diego for the last four months. It’s a 45-minute commute each way but it’s not so bad when you have a book, an iPod, or in my case, lots of boring journal articles. It’s also amazing for people watching. I’ve seriously considered starting my own blog called “People of the Trolley” a la “People of Walmart”.

  10. when we moved to Oz, we never got a car (for one, it’s hella expensive, and for another, they drive on the wrong side of the road.) i tell ya, i am SO MUCH HAPPIER that i don’t have to drive anymore. taking the train is not a burden for me, it’s so freeing not to have to fight with traffic, or fight for a parking space. don’t get me wrong, i WAS an excellent driver, but road rage was not completely foreign to me….

    i’ve never had pumpkin candy corn, does it taste that different? 🙂

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