Daily Archives: 10.25.2010


Hello, Monday.

An evening on the couch with Netflix On Demand (I don’t even know if The Duchess is any good, but that’s what I’m on right now.) has rendered me scatterbrained at best, so it’s likely time for another festive round of Potpourri!

Things I am NOT going to show you pictures of today…

  • My first naan pizza.  Above all other things, it was a mountain of green olives.  It was unattractive at best.  At the very least, it was delicious.  If you haven’t done it, yes, do it.
  • The inappropriate number of candy corn pumpkins I’ve been able to put away (they’re DEFINITELY better than regular candy corn).

I get my”normal” 7:30 – 4:30 work schedule back tomorrow.  Being able to sleep for an extra half-hour was most appreciated for the past few days (and did worlds for my relaxation levels), but it also served to remind me as to why I prefer my regular schedule so much more.

Separately, we’ve managed some insane streak like a month without rain.

So naturally, we ended up with a thunderstorm today that was completely unexceptional, but managed to destroy any semblance of a normal traffic pattern in the cities.  Instead of 30-40 minutes to get home, I was definitely in the car for an hour. 

NOT okay.

I don’t mind the daily drive, but stop and go (or totally parked) traffic just kills me.  Furthermore, fellow drivers seemed to think that merging-signals and turn lights were optional.

The horn was used.

Do you have to commute?  What sort of traffic drives you up the wall?

Your thoughts on candy corn…Do you prefer the “regular” kind or the pumpkins?