Daily Archives: 10.23.2010

The Source of All That is Right and Good

Friends, as I was telling Miss TRex via Twitter yesterday, I almost didn’t write the post about the anniversary of my initiation into Kappa Alpha Theta.  Not because it wasn’t meaningful, but because I try to stay away from the “Dear Diary,” format here as much as possible.

At the same time, I blog because I want to remember moments and things.  And I blog for me.

But to say that I was touched by your comments, tweets and texts would be an understatement.  Once I was done writing, I went back to “preview” what I had written (and to show it to Marcus, because he wanted to see the pictures I’d chosen) and I got teary-eyed.  ON MYSELF.

How embarrassing, really.

I understand getting all misty-eyed over Real Time Events or by what someone else has written.

But over your own missives?

I need to get a grip, people.

So, if you felt warm inside reading that post, pay it forward.  The only other thing I can manage to gather from all of this is that the last few weeks have basically ground us to a pulp.  We need more kind thoughts, words and deeds in the Universe.  And a positive karmic balance.  When you’re getting ready to launch a rock from your glass house, take a moment to breathe, assess the situation, and be the better person.

For now, let us turn our hearts to vainer, more superficial things.

I’m finally catching up on my magazine-reading.  And by that I mean, with the exception of wrapping up October Vogue, I’ll be able to start working my way through November issues.


In the spirit of this productivity, I decided that The Holiday Season would be the perfect time to activate the subscription of Mpls.St.Paul Magazine that I got off of GrouponMpls.St.Paul Magazine is always one of “those” magazines that I want to impulse-buy in the grocery store checkout line like.crazy.  So when the Groupon popped up for it, I didn’t think twice.

And because Groupon is the source of all that is right and good, last night, Marcus and I used a Groupon that we bought in like…February for I Nonni.  We’ve been in bad need of a legitimate “date night” so it was the perfect time to use it up, before driving across the city in the snow becomes deeply unappealing and what have you.

Marcus knows that it’s basically impossible for me to say no to a salumi plate. Especially when there are olives and cheese involved.

Verdict: The calamari was good.  The salumi plate did not disappoint.  The wine list was massive.  It was a wonderful date, but since there are so many other good Italian restaurants in the city, we really don’t need to drive to the far side of St. Paul to get our fix.

The only other Pressing Issue on my to-do list this weekend would be the issue of my mitts and paws.  See, last Sunday, I was going to have a nice little DIY spa-sesh.  Which was totally fine until I tried to hack off a chunk of my thumb (and accompanying nail) with the vegetable peeler (yes, that is as horrific as it sounds).

So I thought it would be best to give the whole affair a rest until I was certain that I could safely shape the nail in question and use nail polish remover without introducing it into my blood stream.  For whatever reason that the two must always go together, willfully neglecting my mitts meant ignoring my paws as well.

Separately, I think it’s probably time I find out what the actual date of Election Day is beyond, “The Beginning of November,” so that I can get my vote on properly.

What is the actual date of election day? (Yes, this really just happened.)

What’s on your To-Do List this weekend?