Five Years Ago Today…

Five years ago I joined the first greek letter fraternity known among women.

I promised to keep our most precious secrets safe.

To accept unconditional love in return for my own.

They lift me up when I’m tearing myself down.

They inspire me.

They push me to think about others when I only want to think about myself.

They show me the meaning of perseverance.

They give me Proud Moments.

They make me laugh until I cry.

They know my past.

They’re the reason I have these people.

And this person.

And most importantly, this one.

My heart is full right now,



11 responses to “Five Years Ago Today…

  1. I love this.
    Much love,

  2. You’re rockin the love the past few days! 🙂

  3. made me cry. love you sistah

  4. Happy Theta anniversary! This post was so cute. It made me a little teary-eyed on my drive home from work tonight. 🙂
    ❤ P

  5. Oops…I thought my comments didn’t post so I entered it 3 times. You can delete all the extra ones!

  6. *They are there with you to celebrate your highest highs

    *They are there to help you through your lowest lows

    *And it doesn’t stop when you leave

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  8. thanks Kat 🙂 crazy to think that a decision that is small in the scheme of things can completely change the direction of your life and those that come in to it. So glad you made the decision because I can’t imagine you not in my life 🙂 (although I like to think we would have still found a way to meet eachother)

  9. Katherine,
    Aren’t you glad you listened to your mother – just imagine if you had gone through formal rush. You taught me another very important lesson – while following the letter of the law you found a voice for your own spirit.
    Chi O Love,

  10. I wished that I had that sort of experience with pledging and being involved in a soroity–I only was in mine for a year.

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