Daily Archives: 10.20.2010

Basking in my own glow

Let me tell you all a tale.  Today, for reasons outside my control, I felt like a whale in the black pencil skirt I wore to work.

That is neither here nor there.

Last night, in the spirit of Kat’s challenge for us to banish negative body talk/thoughts for the week (it’s National Fat Talk Free Week), I had a moment of complete and totally pure self-love.  I was rockin’ a skinny day, and I when I looked in the mirror I saw no flaws. 

We ALL know how rare that sort of day is.

So in The Spirit of Tempting Fate, because we all know that’s how I do, I grabbed the smallest bikini I had in my drawer (I’m pretty sure I got it in high school) and threw it on.

Yes, I live in Minnesota and it’s fall.

And freezing.

Yes, I know there’s not a point in wearing a swimsuit when you’re not near sea or a tanning bed.

Or sand.

Yes, I know that how I feel in a bikini is tempestuous on the best of days.

It’s mercurial.

But I figured that if I really was living The Skinniest Day Ever, then I would be able to throw on a bikini and look in the mirror without raising an eyebrow.  And that I would be able to, you know, bask in my extremely pleased reflection.

Verdict: There was lots of basking.

What are you doing this week to cut yourself a break and rock your bod?