So on Saturday, I discussed the wearing of Real Pants.

You see, with the exception of a couple of pairs of Express jeggings (which I don’t truly consider to be Real Pants because they have so much elasticity), I haven’t purchased jeans in at least three years.  With the weight gain, the weight loss and whatnot, it’s been beyond time for at least a year.

Enter: The GAP.  Marcus needed to use his Groupon (mine is long gone…obviously) and I’ve been living in the fearful shadow of Engagement Photos.  Which are (and understandably so), a magical land in which everyone’s hair looks good worn down and everyone wears Real Pants.  So while Marcus got busy trying on slacks for work, I hunted down jeans, which was apparently Serendipity because their entire stock was on sale for 40% off.


I promised myself that I wouldn’t bring any home unless I found a pair that I REALLY liked, and what can I say?  I looked pretty freaking cute in them.  To the point where I spurned the “Do Not Wear Until Washing Or These Pants Will Turn You And All That You Hold Dear Blue” label by wearing them to the orchard and out to dinner. 

It was Thrilling Stuff, really.

In keeping the good times rolling, tonight I got to go out to the Lion’s Tap with Ems for dinner.  She’s been begging me to go with her for months, and I’ve never been.  So a month ago, we finally set The Date.  For the uninitiated, they exclusively sell burgers in varying combinations and fries.  (As Faux Fuchsia would say, Vegetarians Look Away!)  It was delicious, I dominated the dang thing and she sure as heck won’t have to twist my arm to get me there again.

AND, after discovering 500 Days of Summer on HBO On Demand, I completely forgot about it until I was on the treadmill tonight and had already done away with Paula Deen for the evening (her Reese’s S’more Brownie was un.freaking.real).  It was set to expire today, so I was glad that I got to see it without having to put any effort into trying to track it down.  What it was lacking: A redemptive ending.  Those types of movies aren’t usually my scene but I found the storytelling in this one to be quite delightful.

When you’re watching a movie, do you need the redemptive ending or can you live without it?

8 responses to “Serendipity

  1. Pants shopping is a level in my personal hell, so it’s definitely worth celebration when we find the right ones, especially on sale! Whoo-hoo!

    (500) Days of Summer was delightful! I can live without a redemptive ending if the story-telling and characters are well-crafted, but it is nice having happy endings 🙂

  2. Oh jeans, I have such a hard timing finding a pair I like. But ones on sale are always a plus!! As for the movie, I agree I was not a big fan of the ending. I don’t know if I need a happy ending, but I need a movie to have twist or climax of an ending. I didn’t feel 500 Days of Summer had either.

  3. Love the new jeans – Gap is a great choice when looking for a pair that will fit great and make you feel great in them. And for the movie, I sometimes like the unsettled ending – it is a little more like reality that way and leaves you with more to think about post-movie.
    Much love,

  4. Cute Gap jeans 🙂 Only of I’m super into it do I neeeed to know the ending.

  5. “a magical land in which everyone’s hair looks good worn down and everyone wears Real Pants.” <— BAHAHA This had me CRACKING UP.

    Gap is one of two places this curvy girl can find anything that fits ass and waist so kudos!

  6. I havent bought new pants in a while either. Most of them are from my freshman year of highschool, so they are pretty worn out and old. I actually always make fun of one of the ladies who works in the office next to mine (not nice I know) but she NEVER wears real pants. Only leggings. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It gets pretty frustrating sometimes…I mean really? Its pouring rain and your wearing leggings and a tank top? Gah!!

  7. Redemptive endings are expected, so when it doesn’t happen, I get a little bummed out. I can thank Disney movies for that.

    You have GOT to tell me more about these jeans that you bought. I am STRUGGLING to find jeans that fit well and look great. Ugh. I get frustrated just thinking about it!

  8. sometimes The Gap has the craziest sales. my most prized possession is still a pair of jeans i got there for $20. (insane!) the ones you got are gorgeous, btw, i’m SO OVER the skinny jean craze!!

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