Daily Archives: 10.17.2010

Whispering-ways aside,

Friends, a weekend of fun and feasting is exactly what I needed to re-charge.  I am so lucky to have a wonderful fiance, and am incredibly blessed to be surrounded by friends who love, listen, share, uplift and make me laugh.

Things I do not plan to share with you today in any sort of detail:

  • How I FINALLY wiped down the baseboards in the bathroom and how cathartic that felt.
  • That our street looks like a war zone.  At last count, we have a herd of geese (it is SO not a flock or a gaggle) that numbers 39 strong.  There is goose shit everywhere.
  • What it’s like to vegetable peel your thumbnail.

Now that we’ve put those things aside, we can turn our thoughts to the finer things in life.

Ina Garten puts Mads to sleep.  Fact.

While Billy and I have mocked her for YEARS because of the way that her voice intermittently trails off into a mumble/whisper during her shows, I’ve found that she’s actually fairly fantastic to watch while I’m running.

So today Ina was roasting fall vegetables (sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots and butternut squash), and Ina’s whispering-ways aside, I felt Empowered to roast vegetables too.

Because parsnips weren't leaping off the shelves at me, there's only squash, carrots and sweet potatoes in this batch. For the record: Just because Ina makes two baking sheets full of roasted vegetables doesn't mean that you should too.

For the record, this right here is Marcus’ worst nightmare realized.  He doesn’t eat any of the aforementioned vegetables (give a girl some time, kay?), so in his world, this is not entirely unlike offering him a side dish of baked grass.

The mix: Roasted veggies on a bed of arugula and crumbled bleu cheese, salted and peppered to taste with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. What we love about this: The heat from the veggies somewhat wilts the greens and melts the cheese. Amaze.

Romaine and I are still in the fight of the century, but after two weeks of cruciferous veggies-only, it was time to bring some greens back into my diet.  Welcome, arugula.

Most importantly: Farmgirl made October Bark, which is allegedly in the October 2010 issue of bon appetit that I have yet to read.  What this really means: I’ve found another way to move candy corn from the bag to my mouth.

Sorry for partying.