Apple-less Orchard

So I missed last week’s adventure to the orchard, right?  Last night I was more than a little thrilled when Erica informed me (over my fourth glass of wine) that she was planning another ladies’ day there this afternoon.

Ironically the pick-your-own section was closed, and the apples they were selling inside had been picked over by varmints in a way that was deeply unappealing at best.  BUT it was another sunny day and their treats counter was stocked with ciders and cupcakes and apple dumplings and cookies the size of your head.


Galina, Erica and I. You’ll also notice that in this picture I’m wearing Real Pants and Not Leggings. This is a separate discussion for another day.

At first glance, I found the wagons to be tres adorable. And then I realized I was running into my own personal version of hell: Literally hundreds of untamed children under the age of 10 running wild. How lucky.

I also totally blacked out the fact that many orchards moonlight as pumpkin patches as well.

The golden light radiating from the honey (because the shelf was in front of a western-facing window) was absolutely incredible.

Indisputable Fact: No trip to the orchard is complete without fall decor.

Tonight, we’re going on a double date with Ben and Tiffany to Salut in Edina.  Bon soir mes amis!

p.s. Minnesotans – if you wear pink to Caribou today and tomorrow, you can get 50% off of any drink.  My Pumpkin Latte was $1.87!  Fantastic stuff.


8 responses to “Apple-less Orchard

  1. I wore real pants and not leggings today too! I think there must be something in the air. 🙂 You look super cute by the way!

  2. Love your pictures from today! I’m so glad you could come with us. Hope you had a fantastic time at Salut.

  3. Cider, apple dumplings, and cupcakes definitely make the trip worth it 🙂

    Looks like a fun day, even without the apple-picking!

  4. cute pictures 🙂 apple-less orchard or not it looks like you guys still had a lot of fun!

  5. Ahh look at those wagons! What a great shot to capture fall! I don’t think I’ve ever picked my own apples so I don’t know what you were missing out on but it looks like you had fun regardless!

  6. We picked apples last weekend, and saw many of the same sights. Sadly, no donuts, but there was unpasturized, fresh pressed cider. Mmmm…

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  8. Love, Love, LOVE the jeans!

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