Daily Archives: 10.15.2010

The Joy of Painting

Hello, survivors. 

I’ll be the first to admit that this week totally crushed me.  I don’t think I’ve “earned” a weekend in a long time.  Even though that’s kind of akin to “earning” a therapy sesh.

All together now: Do not want.

In the spirit of tying up all of the loose threads this week, I’ll leave you with one last gem.

List of things I did not know until yesterday: Bob Ross is dead. 

For those of you who are unsure as to who Bob Ross is, he was that dude with the fro on PBS who did nature paintings in all of like, 30 minutes or something insane like that.  One minute there would be a black blob on the canvas.  You’d look away or maybe go to refill your snack bowl and when you got back, an entire mountain range would be there. 

Fact: All of his paintings looked equally the same, but it just never gets old.

Unreal.  His little editorial on pollution just kills me.

And because once you pop, you can’t stop, everyone’s favorite…Bob’s trees.

For the record, after you’re done watching these, it’s perfectly acceptable to laugh so hard you cry.

Happy Friday!