Daily Archives: 10.12.2010

Rattier than Thou

Kittens, I love our feasting ways.  And more importantly, I love that we collectively spurn the knowledge of how many calories are in candy corn, molten chocolate cake, potatoes and egg nog, specifically.

It’s how we do.

The weather here today was sunny and gorgeous, but by the time I got home from dinner, it was downright chilly.  If I did outfit of the day photos or something of that ilk, tonight you’d see me rocking a pair of faded-black yoga pants and a men’s black thermal shirt from Old Navy. 

Because Miley Cyrus says it best, I’m hot like that.

I can only hope that your loungewear situation while couch surfing tonight was better than mine.  But because we’re beyond shameless, what’s the rattiest piece of “comfy” clothing you own and still wear?

Surprisingly enough for me, the non-matching black-on-black look really isn’t mine (though it’s WAY up there).  I’ve got a long-sleeved cotton shirt from the year I spent on the Pole Vaulting squad in high school (um, so that was 2003?).  The cuffs of the sleeves have almost totally separated from the shirt.  And it’s Royal Blue tie-dye.

I will keep it forever.

Because we haven’t talked TV in a while (and tonight is THAT night), I’ll be the first to admit that glee has felt a bit “off” this season, right?  But tonight was hysterically funny.  Maybe it’s because this week there wasn’t really a “theme” per-se (duets really doesn’t count), but more than anything, I appreciate that they keep giving Brittany every opportunity in the world  to out-blonde herself.  It’s always unreal.