Daily Archives: 10.10.2010

The One Week Rule

Friends, thank you so much for your makeup recommendations!   I’m always afraid of buying a product and finding out that it’s just wrong.  For the uninitiated, it’s a freaking jungle out there.

This weekend has been full of addressing issues that I’ve been pushing aside for the past week.  Lest y’all think I’m dealing with Serious Things, please know that my chief accomplishments in this area have primarily had to do with overdue DIY manicures and pedicures (The good news about buffs and greiges?  They REALLY don’t show when they chip.  The bad news?  They Encourage Laziness in the realm of Mitts and Paws.), and FINALLY starting in on The September Issue of Vogue.

Cleansing stuff, really.

Sundays are typically my “errands-days.”  Translation: I always make a run to ALDI and Trader Joe’s and if necessary, I drop by Cub and Target.

While I was out today, I stopped by HomeGoods.  I love looking through their pseudo-gourmet foods section when I’m there, and I ended up finding a Tazo Tea sampler pack for $2.99.  Megan had recommended the Awake blend last week via Twitter as part of The Great Tea Hunt, and now I can try them all out.  It’s Fabulous Stuff.

While I was there, I also grabbed a serving platter I spied last weekend.

I mean, it was only $7.

I adhere to the theory that if you see something at the store and you continue to think about it over the course of a pre-determined period of time (in this case I gave it a week), then it’s safe to buy.  This dish passed the test.

Because of the wedding, Marcus and I are trying to avoid buying things for the house At All Costs.  But, our servingware situation is truly pitiful.  Since Holiday Party season is almost upon us, it couldn’t hurt to have a few more platters and such to be able to drag about town.

On a foodie note, if you love to cook and want need something new for your kitchen, check out Mads’ Giveaway for a copy of Ina Garten’s barefoot contessa: back to basics, and a Vic Firth rolling pin!