Daily Archives: 10.09.2010

Drugstore Diva

Exhibit A: My super-organized makeup bag.

So, in the summer, I’m a bit of a fan of bronzer.  Not because it bronzes, but because it evens out my skin and adds some light (Thank you, reflective bits!).

Duh.  I just explained to y’all what powder does.  But for me, it was quite the revelation.  My Mom isn’t real heavy on the makeup-shtick (mascara, blush and lipstick are how she rolls) and so I didn’t grow up surrounded by foundation, powder, poofs and the like.  My grandmothers were classy ladies, but I think we all know that by and large, they are not the women to take makeover tips from.  Advice on which high-quality (and deeply expensive) cosmetics to purchase?  Yes.  But how to sport them?  Probably not.

So, that was a digression.

Back to the point.  It’s fall.  I’m getting pale (not that I was able to achieve an incredible tan this summer), my bronzer is running low, and frankly at this point, it’s probably totally inappropriate to wear.  Yes, it’s 80 outside, but they’re selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks.  The two cannot co-exist.

I’m a drugstore diva when it comes to makeup and the like.  I can truly say, I’ve never purchased makeup in a department store.  The only purchases I’ve ever made at Sephora are for pink sparkles and an icy-pink (extremely thick) eyeliner pencil.  Yes, it was a bad phase.  But it was high school, and admittance is the first step to recovery.  So, with all of that out in the open, what recommendations do y’all have for powder?  If it will change my life, I’m ready to break the streak.