Daily Archives: 10.07.2010


I can’t think in a straight line tonight, so it’s time for another round of Potpourri!

Friends, when I asked about our pop-drinking ways, I had no idea how many different rules/rituals people have for it!  It’s fantastic, really, and it makes me feel FAR less alone.

I know that a HUGE reason I drank two cans during the work day was because normally I drink a TON of water, but the Diet Coke gave me a way to “break-up” (and slow down) my hydration.  When I stopped drinking Diet Coke, I started drinking tea (green) and while the transition was rough.  Not caffeine-wise, but flavor/consistency wise, it took me about three good months to get there.  Now I look forward to my tea breaks during the day.  My current rotation consists of Bigelow’s Plantation Mint and Vanilla Chai, as well as Trader Joe’s English Breakfast and Green Teas.  I’m always interested in trying new ones, so if you have any faves, please share!  I’m still a total newcomer to the tea section at the grocery store, so any and all recommendations are welcome.

A la Eating Fall for Breakfast, I actioned more sauteed apples tonight so that I can enjoy more Apple Cobbler Overnight Oats this weekend.  As promised, a recipe for you all.  🙂  Do it.  This breakfast is many things, but full of regrets is not one of them.  Run, don’t walk.

In the spirit of listening to my body (yes, those words just came out of my mouth), the only effort I’ve made in the fitness department since the 10 mile was the Yoga Works Fit Abs video available via Exercise TV On Demand.  I just wasn’t feeling anything more than that and really, it’s good for everyone to take a break from working out.  Forcing yourself through workouts just creates misery.  And, resting “for fun” is MUCH better than resting for injury.  Y’all know that’s not how I do.

BUT, since we were rocking temperatures in the mid-70’s today (hello, October!), I went for a three-mile run for no other reason than to enjoy the wonderful weather.  If it had been cold outside or I’d been forced onto the treadmill, y’all know I would have been busy becoming BFFFF with the ab video for a fourth day in a row.

The best news?  While I was running, there wasn’t any pain in my hip.  Verdict?  The Smart Temp and I are going to be continuing our bedtime bonding sessions for the next few weeks.  This is another instance of Run, don’t walk, people.