Daily Archives: 10.06.2010

So long, silver cans.

While I was driving home today, I realized that it’s been almost an entire year since I gave up Diet Coke.

And that was a weird thought, because there was definitely a period in my life (~3 years) where I was drinking a case of Diet Coke a week without batting a lash.

I still have three cans left (from the last case I bought!) in the back corner of our fridge.  I’m not entirely sure how immortal they are, but I figured it would probably make sense to stash them for unexpected guests or on the off-chance that a caffeine headache strikes.

Our Motto: Be prepared.

Like the scouts.

Apparently October is the month in which I introspect and soul search and reflect upon the events of the recent past?  I hope you’ll bear with me as these moments come and go.

From a health standpoint, I could really care less if you drink soda/diet soda (personal decision – does not impact my life), but because I’m a curious girl, how many of you drink soda on a regular basis?  And more importantly, what kind?

Now that I don’t drink diet soda, from time-to-time I like having a regular Coke as a treat…I remember last spring I had one with a burger at a drive-in and as I was chowing down, I remember thinking, So this is what all the fuss is about!  Go figure.