Daily Archives: 10.05.2010

Practical v. Sequins

Friends, it’s been awhile since I’ve shared what I’ve been shopping for, and more importantly, what I’ve stocking-up on for my winter closet! 

What can I say?  Sometimes window shopping and styling is more fun, you know?  In a dream world, I would always wear cute dresses, jeans that fit properly, and my hair would actually hold a curl. 

But that is not the present.

So, this is what I’ve been up to for the past two months…

I’ve been trying SO hard to make sure the things that I’m buying will be fine for work (thank God for an extremely relaxed business casual environment) and are appropriately seasonal since Minnesota winters are FREEZING.

I also needed to get some new tees to layer over leggings, since the American Apparel summer shirts I used to sport are FAR too big on me now, and after reading about the insanity that is their corporate culture, I no longer feel comfortable patronizing their business.  It’s a bit heartbreaking because those shirts were great, but I just can’t do it kittens.  Luckily, the Mossimo tees seem to play the same role well, and they’re about $10 cheaper.  I now own them in green, gray, black and white because I loved the first two so hard that I knew I needed the rest.

I’ve been trying to expand my belt collection, so when I was using my GAP Groupon, I grabbed that faux snakeskin extravaganza.  I’ve also spent the past year envying the J.Crew sashes that Chloe has been sporting, and when I saw it marked down to $9 from $30 at the store on Grand Ave., I had to say yes. 

Do I have any clue of how to actually go about wearing it?  Absolutely not.

But I DO know that when I buy things and don’t intrinsically understand how to wear them, having them in my closet hanging next to the rest of my clothes forces me to to get with the program and figure it out.

What’s the wildest thing you’ve splurged on, without knowing in advance how/where you would wear it?

Moi: I got this ADORABLE pair of BCBGirls stilettos my sophomore year of college that were covered in black velvet with black snakeskin trim and rhinestone buckles (um, right?).  They were the least functional and most fantastic pair of shoes I’ve ever owned.  If I could find another pair like them I’d snap them up in a heartbeat, no matter what the cost.