Daily Archives: 10.04.2010

Absolutely Fascinated

Friends, I have just been overwhelmed by your comments!  All I can say is that I am absolutely SO touched.  The last year has involved so many changes for me (Including the e-mail in which I told my girlfriends I had to give up happy hours so I could get a solid running/exercise routine going!  Just yipes.) and these are the moments I save up for when the training gets rough and my motivation is completely gone.

I never got to talk about the carb-fest that Galina threw, but it was absolutely fantastic.  SO many friends came, they brought so much delicious food with and it was really the most wonderful of all possible ways to spend the night pre-race.  And if you want the recipe for an absolutely gorgeous Baked Brie with Kahlua, check out Erica’s blog.

I  know since my last experience with little pups, you’ve all been just dying to see me rock my non-existent maternal instinct again.  On Saturday, Josh and Ali brought their new little girl, Myra to the party. Despite my aversion to small children, I was absolutely fascinated.  She was too cute for words.

This is what happens when you have to try and hypnotize infants WITH YOUR EYES.

And God bless Josh, he still willingly plopped their firstborn into my arms as I looked at him wide-eyed and said I’m afraid. Fact: there is nothing that frightens me more than newborns that can’t hold their heads up.  I mean seriously, they’re just SO BREAKABLE!

Does anyone else have the babies not being able to hold their heads up-phobia?  When you become a parent, is this something that just disappears?

Today kicked off the first day of my post-race rest period, which will (hopefully) end on Thursday if the pain in my hip is gone (yes, I pushed it during the race because I knew the pain was manageable) and if my muscles/joints have decided that they are, in fact, back on the team.  Translation: Until I can start running again, the only permissible fitness activity in my world is Yoga from Exercise TV.  It stretches, it tones, and it’s all I really need at this point.

Tonight’s festivities included enjoying the episode of The Real Housewives of D.C. that I’ve been hoarding on our DVR for the last week (I can’t wait for the finale this week when the Salahis get busted for sneaking into the State dinner at the White House!), and reading an issue of W that was dancing around its expiration date.  I absolutely love the magazine subscriptions I got for my birthday (I found out last week that I got ELLE as well!) but lately I haven’t had the time to sit down and read them properly.  Tomorrow night will involve a DIY manicure + pedicure (my mitts are an absolute mess!) and dinner with Jillian at Sunsets.

Runners: When you have to take time off from running, what do you do to keep busy/entertained?