Daily Archives: 10.03.2010

Double Fist Pump

Good news kittens!  I didn’t have to pee.  That may or may not have been due to the fact that I went three times at the Metrodome, but really, I should like to think that it was all of your well-wishes that made it happen 😉

Honestly, it’s a miracle that the race today came together at all, considering the fact that I only really trained last week, was up at midnight puking my guts out (Cafe Latte, you are SO busted.  Expect to be hearing from me.), and as a result only had four hours of sleep.


I also learned that when The Universe is directing you to Impulse Buy running clothes at Target, you need to Hear The Message.  I rolled out of there last night with (among other things) a pair of running tights and a black fleece jacket that saved.my.life today because it was all of 36 degrees this morning when we started.

The best news?  I finished in 1:38:36, so I DEFINITELY beat my goal.

I thought I was going to say something witty about this, but let's be honest. I look ill and exhausted.

The fleece jacket had to go at 7.5 miles (I was boiling and soaked). I have never been so excited to wrap myself in non-permeable material in my life.

Originally, I thought about defrosting a freezer cupcake and having Marcus bring it to the finish line. And then I didn't. So when Dad surprised me with this Chocolate Chip-ganache beauty from Yum! I was beyond excited.


Yes, I run with pearl earrings, my engagement ring and the silver bead bracelet from Tiffany’s that Marcus gave me for my conversion.  I like to think that these accessories allow me to keep it classy while I’m on the race course.

Truth: The course was rough.  The first few miles felt good, but then my hip started fussing (thankfully it was not particularly remarkable or painful until the 8 mile mark), and miles ~4-7 were uphill.  Literally.  Horror.

But the shadow proves the sunlight.  When I came over the hill on Summit and saw the Capitol building, I shrieked, sobbed (once) and did a double fist pump.

A year ago today, I couldn’t run a 5k.

A year from today, I’m going to run a marathon.

In the spirit of post-race recovery (after some serious brunching at Cecil’s and a nap with my Smart Temp in the Blanket Burrito of the century…I am STILL cold ) I actioned some Raspberry Swirl Blondies (and added White Chocolate Chips!) that I’ve just been dying to try, and some Tomato Bread Soup for the freezer.  Tonight’s festivities will consist of homemade pizza, Boardwalk Empire, and catching up on the remnants of our DVR.

p.s. To the 50-year-old man I sat next to in the Metrodome pre-race, Thank You for confessing that your running playlist is loaded with faves like Britney, Gaga and Gloria Estefan’s Conga.  It made my day.