Daily Archives: 10.02.2010

Eating Fall for Breakfast

When you only have four apples left in the fridge and the next week’s grocery shopping is on your weekend to-do list, there is only one possible and logical fate for three of those apples.


And when you’re actioning that at breakfast time, its naturally very easy to find an excuse to eat them. 

Apple Cobbler Overnight Oats

Just wow.  I was expecting average, but this was really quite exceptional.  Breakfast like that should probably be illegal.  It tasted EXACTLY like Apple Cobbler with a splash of ice cream-melt.  You can find the mix at the bottom of the page here.  I promise you all a little recipe for that mess of apples as well.

And, on a totally separate and unrelated note, tomorrow is race day!  I’m not worried about injury or “making it,”  but I am deadly afraid of being struck with the urge to pee while I run (probably a TMI, but y’all know that’s how we do around here).  So if you say a prayer for me, say it for that. 

Because I have the best friends in the world, Galina is using me as a front to reserve the party room at her apartment and buy inappropriate amounts of flavor-infused pastas.  It started out last week as “Do you want to have a carbo-load?”  Because I’m the only one running tomorrow.  After consenting, earlier this week was, “Oh we’ll just have the same group as last time.” And then last night, homegirl was all like, “Plan on buying garlic bread for 20 people.”  Hah. 

If you want to stalk me tomorrow morning while you’re catching up on the news and enjoying your coffee, click here.  I’m Bib # 18581.  My goal is to make it in under 1:43 (that was my 10 mile split during the half marathon), so hopefully there’s not a lot of traffic and I can get it done!