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March of the Penguins…

 I usually try to avoid bombarding you.  Because let’s be serious.  Once a day is really enough to keep our bond strong.

I like to think that it keeps the mystery alive.

But this, THIS has been weighing on my heart all day.  And we all know the best way to work through this sort of thing is to talk it out.

So here we are.

I think you should read this.

NYT: Extinct Penguin Wore Earth Tones, Fossil Shows

No, seriously.  Read that.

Don’t say I didn’t try.

So, here’s my thing.  Prehistoric penguins didn’t look like the penguins we know from festively accurate movies like Surf’s Up and Happy Feet or even the exhibit at the zoo.  We get it.  Even though Cro-Magnon Man and Woman wouldn’t have been able to identify their coloring as being “tuxedoed,” we totally care about that sort of thing.

(And who is to say that the Penguins weren’t sporting the tuxedo of the time, honestly?)

What I want to know is why NO ONE is concerned about the fact that the damn thing was ~5 feet tall and had giant beak. 

Forget the tuxedo, prehistoric penguin was not a cute movie-bird with fluffy feathers and a heart full of love.  Prehistoric penguin was a behemoth varmint that was probably hunting us and tearing us to shreds.

But seriously, I swear-to-God I’m more concerned about whether or not it was sporting a tuxedo that was epoch-appropriate.

Enjoying the Temporary

This month we’re keeping In the pursuit of cupcakes. for the tagline, because at this point I can’t imagine that anything else will do a better job of telling it like it is.

On some level, it’s probably deeply shameful that I haven’t kept track of the various incarnations of Real Life: Chapter X, or the taglines that I’ve used for the past 19 months, because everything else that I type here gets stored.  FOREVER.   At the same time, it’s nice that there’s at least one part of this blog that’s temporary.

Obviously because we have Thoughts and Opinions About Things, if y’all have any especially perfect ideas for what the next tagline or chapter should be, please share it in the comments section – there will be prizes for the ones that I use!