Setting the Mood Perfectly

I realized today that this is the first full week I’ve had to work since August, which is fantastic and horrifying all at once.  I don’t even want to think about what Wednesdays are going to feel like once November rolls around.

To fend off the horror and dreariness of the rain today (it was all Rainforest Cafe meets the first day of Fall), I actioned my first freestyle-Egg Bake, borne out of a need to eat a pair of orphan eggs in the fridge.  It was delightful – exactly the sort of meal you need to turn a day around.  It also set the mood perfectly for finally settling down to watch Julie & Julia, much in the same way that watching The September Issue makes you want to go out and do something insanely fashionable and stylish (I painted my nails a rather Thrilling shade of red).  Remember these words when you watch these movies – they will serve you well.  Or save you from yourself.  Your call.

p.s. Today, I realized that I’ve been on another inadvertent Facebook strike.  This time I think it’s been two weeks?  I’ll let you know once I log back in again and check out my news feed.  Is this normal?  Does anyone else ever go off the Facebook grid?


5 responses to “Setting the Mood Perfectly

  1. btw, I loved your article in TC Jewfolk, despite the fact that it had zero to do with my life. Congrats on the guest post!

  2. Bravo for going on the FB strike. I could never, well I could … but would never lol. Love your blog btw:)

  3. Yes, I find myself going on Facebook less and less these days. Partially because I have less time, but also because I think most of my friends have started using it less since graduating. If no one is posting on my wall or tagging pictures of me, what’s the point? Although it is still a good tool when you really need to stalk someone…

  4. Oh, Facebook. There are so many days I’d like to just delete my account all together, but unfortunately it is the means to which I keep up with so many people. Sweater coats and riding boots, eh? I can’t wait to read that!!

  5. Kat! Congrats on the feature post on TC Jewfolk! During my last semester in college, one of the founders of the blog came and spoke to my New Media Culture class about starting a blog. They’ve got a great thing going. And girl, with the way you’re going, you can make blogging a living!

    And, riding boots plus a warm cardigan = LOVE.

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