We’re Doing Okay

I am sharing this photo with you all as evidence of my Winning Way with children.  Astonishing as this may be to all of you, Trevor is the first child I’ve held in at least a year, and I managed to rock him to sleep.  In 15 minutes.  That’s pro-league right there.  The tot is my cousin Jenna’s son, and I think he’s seven months old (we know, he looks like a linebacker)?  He’s Expert at giving you that wide-eyed baby look and then sticking an arbitrary number of fingers into his mouth.  It’s fantastic stuff.

Don’t expect any baby talk ’round these parts again for years, probably.

What made today totally lovely: The Italian scarves my boss brought back from her trip to Europe.  Adore.  Bri didn’t want hers (she’s not a scarf-wearer?) so I came home with two.  The way we roll in my office, all you have to do to dress up a plain long-sleeved shirt (a la J.Crew’s Perfect Fit) and make it formal enough for our dress code, is to throw on a scarf.  Golden.  All winter = all scarves in my world.

I also found some time this evening to finish the September issue of bon appetit (another one of the magazines Marcus subscribed to for my birthday) and was able to squeeze in yet ANOTHER DIY manicure and pedicure.  It seems like my nails are getting stronger, but I still have no idea as to why they started going to hell in July in the first place.  Mystery of the century.  Lest I sound like a total whiner, I STILL haven’t touched the September Issue of Vogue yet, but that’s because I want to do it all in one sitting.  Preferably with a glass of champagne.  Mais non, that time just hasn’t presented itself yet.  But if that’s the biggest problem I have in the world, then I have to say, we’re doing okay.

I’m just gonna throw it out there and say that today, I managed to beat Monday.


4 responses to “We’re Doing Okay

  1. What an adorable picture! You have a way! 🙂

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