Rain that Inspires

Friends, I am all about the cozy lately.  The weather was completely heinous today (read: thunderstorms…three times), but it definitely put me in the right mode for wrapping myself in a blanket burrito, reading, and gulping hot drinks.  I almost started another pot of coffee this morning on the sheer principle that it.was.warm.

This weather was inspiring to the point where I even changed the wallpaper on my phone (because it’s all screen and not much else) from cherry blossoms to a subdued blue arrangement with gold braid.  If you have to know, it’s really very Ravenclaw.

This, is obviously not my phone.

This would be my mink-colored reading/blogging nest.

Besides travelling somewhere warmer than this, is there really a way to fight the fever?  I have to be totally honest, I’m just mystified by the way that people from The South get all worked up about Pumpkin Spice Lattes and the like.  I mean, come January, they’re not going to be staring -20 degrees in the eye.  If someone could explain this phenom to me, it would be SO appreciated.

The weather has also inspired me to tackle my to-do list (we were not BFF at the beginning of the week) and eat chocolate chips like a professional.  I could take responsibility for my actions in these areas, but it’s far easier to just project.

Speaking of productive activities, I also got the (much-needed) chance to hop on the treadmill tonight.  I’d been having some pain in my right hip since Saturday morning, and I figured at this point since I would prefer not to be on the injured list, it would be best to take a few days off.  I’m pretty sure that the pain is stemming from my stride on the treadmill v. my stride when I run outside.  If anyone knows about this, feel free to throw down your two cents.  Since I take pretty much the most un-scientific approach to fitness of anyone who has ever lived, I’m all ears.

Mind you, it’s also entirely plausible that it was a little bit insane to register for another long race the month after my first half, but it’s the path we’re on, you know?  And I know I’m REALLY lucky that I didn’t sustain any injuries at all (not even blisters!) from my first half.  The 10 Mile is on October 3rd, so I’m pretty positive that I should be ready.

Also, Mads is hosting a giveaway for a Herb Growing Kit to celebrate her move to the warmer climes of California.  Go love it!


3 responses to “Rain that Inspires

  1. We have had 1 overcast day since I moved in. I hate people that state how sunny their weather is while I’m in a snow storm, but now I get to be one!!!
    It’s much better on this side

  2. So completely jealous of overcast, cozy days. In order to achieve that in Texas, you have to draw the blinds and crank up the A/C. Oh and maybe let the water drip to insinuate rain 😦 Enjoy it for me please!

  3. oh yes, i definitely notice my stride is different outdoors vs. in. outdoors it’s more natural and you’re able to change your speed instantly, while on the treadmill, the machine sorta dictates for you. not that i’m an expert or anything, but i read that taking shorter quick strides is easier on the body (and more efficient) than longer strides. eh. 😉

    congrats on your first half, btw!

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