Daily Archives: 09.14.2010

A Food Mood

Confessional: I haven’t watched the season finale of Bachelor Pad yet, hence the lack of thoughts on the episode.  Please rest assured that I’ll be watching it tomorrow night on DVR and that it will be a marvelously trashy experience.  Unfortunately for Marcus, since he only reads my blog at work, he’ll be learning about our plans for the evening tomorrow morning at 6 AM.

I’ve been trying to cut back on dessert lately in The Spirit of Healthy Eating, but y’all already know how that ends.  My freezer is a total carb-graveyard, and when Erica and Justin came over for dinner prior to my birthday outing, they came with The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies I Have Ever Tasted.  She didn’t want to take the remainder of the lot home, so I gladly threw them into the freezer.  It’s nights like tonight where I just love her to death for that.  Since y’all don’t have Justin around to stock your freezer with cookies, you’re definitely going to have to take a whack at the recipe.  The only thing I can promise is that you won’t be disappointed.

Similarly, as vindication of the two dozen ears of corn I purchased a couple of weeks ago with the intention of freezing them,  I’m reassured that once again, the New York Times and I are riding the same wave.  I adore Melissa Clark and the things she has to share, so if you have a soul like mine that requires lots of nourishing in the way of corn, cheese and cream please do take a peek at Creamed Corn That’s Much Too Good To Share.

And because the New York Times is the most importantly, the source of All Good Things, I also happened upon this recipe by Mark Bittman, Southwest Potatoes, With Cheddar, Corn and Patience.

Apparently I’m just in a food mood tonight?  I’m sure it’s totally related to The Need to Nest since Fall is upon us, but at this point, I just don’t have it in my heart to be there quite yet.  Plus, I’m pretty sure that it’s been AGES since I’ve found things I’ve been dying to share from the New York Times food section.  We love this.

I also realized tonight when Katie was over for dinner  that I don’t have my super-easy recipe for Chicken with Wine Sauce up yet (it’s in the body of this post right now).  It’s an entertaining and dinnertime staple for me in the fall/winter (though really it’s appropriate year-round) because you can have a lovely AND healthy hot dinner on the table in ~30 minutes.  Which, is a win-win.  Consider yourselves owed this one in more detail.