Taking Control

Dinner outfit Part Deux. Another night, another tunic-shirt from Ann Taylor on Final Sale. I wish I could be more original for y’all this year, but I feel like I’ve been beating the wrap-sweater trend dead lately, and tunics for dinners like these allow you the illusion of “dressing up” while maintaining comfort. Apparently this is the point in the show where I decided having feet was an acceptable look – the ruffled flats are actually from Target (Mossimo) and are surprisingly comfortable. Highly recommend.

I was going to wear a pencil skirt with a cardigan, but to be totally honest, post-tailoring it was a bit tight, and I realized that we were going to the Sushi Buffet for lunch. Translation: An eatin’ dress was needed. This is actually my favorite dress (Ann Taylor LOFT, Fall 2008) and it was on the bench for the last four months while I waited for the right time to take it to the tailor. I did standard accessories including some blingin’ earrings that I coordinated with Marcus’ mother and little cousins. We were in a VERY sparkly space this morning.

All of that being said, life is officially back to “normal,” whatever that means.  What “normal” includes  = not traveling, no festive holiday/birthday/we’re not in our hometown-induced eating occasions that come in short sequence, LOTS of relaxing.  AKA, taking control of my life.

Go live and love, friends!

One response to “Taking Control

  1. ericaribnick

    Love this dress! Miss ya tons… We have to meet up soon! I need a girls dinner or shopping trip.

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