Can I just say that I love how we’re all books-readers?  It was so fun to see all of your suggestions and I haven’t read most of them, so that should keep me busy for a good, long while.

I thought tonight I would get to share all manner of trip photos with you, but apparently I’m in a fight with my phone.  As we were leaving the airport last night, I was busy e-mailing them to myself (Marcus was driving…basically, he always does) and only half of them came through.  So, I’m in the process of figuring out how to get the other half of the pictures from my phone to my Gmail account, (which seems to not be working at the moment via my phone…possibly because of all of the turning on and off that went on with the planes) THEN I can dish the deets of our trip.  I swear-to-God, if it’s not one thing with this phone, it’s something else.

In the meantime, I will allow you to ponder my hipster-hood with one of the photos that did make it through.

And to think I was nervous about fitting in!  Steph was so kind as to teach me this new way that they’re draping their scarves over there and even though you almost strangle yourself in the process of getting it wrapped correctly, I am rather fond of this new look.  Confessional: That is a PBR you see me brown-bagging in Union Square Park.  I used beer as an accessory.

It really was the best trip, and I’m so thankful that Marcus was the voice of reason and decided that we would be returning on Sunday rather than Monday – I seriously needed the extra night of sleep and the day to get our “normal” weekend errands (read: Grocery Shopping) taken care of.

I also got to sneak in a dinner with Leah (she was in-town from San Diego because of a wedding) at Sunset’s which included one of my favorite coconut crusted chicken salads (delightful) and a cup of French Onion Soup.  A few weeks ago, I saw it on the menu somewhere and realized that I hadn’t gotten to enjoy that delightful mix of cheesy, brothy goodness in a LONG time.  Suffice it to say, between the two, it was the perfect way to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall.

Tomorrow, we return to the real world.


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