Katie* came over last night to watch 12th and Delaware with me.  It’s by the same people who did Jesus Camp, and it was fascinating.  Mid-documentary, I ended up getting a baby migraine.

While I was wrapped in a blanket in the basement, Marcus and Lindsey were having a blast in D.C.

Note: Marcus has been out-of-town since Monday and returned home today.  When he’s out-of-town, I try not to mention that little tidbit on the blog, because then the world knows that I’m busy kickin’ it up Home Alone-style.  Not so safe.

You see, when Marcus goes out to West Virgina for work, he’s able to choose what airport he flies in and out of, since there’s no way to get where he’s going without driving for at least two hours.  D.C. is pretty much always a choice for him, so he brought one of Linds’ suitcases (that got left-behind during the move) out for her, and I instructed her to plan an Excellent Adventure for the two of them.  Even though Marcus has been doing the West Virginia thing forever, he really hasn’t seen any of the city yet, so they went to the National Mall and visited all of the monuments.

I was jealous of this for all manner of reasons, obviously.

BUT, they also hatched a plan.  It’s only $40 for a bus ticket to NYC from D.C.  And since Marcus and I had no plans to make this trip a “romantic getaway” (we know too many people we’ll be visiting + spending time with in the city), she’s coming up for the weekend!

Tonight in the midst of packing and watching Sex and the City, I Actioned a Caprese Sandwich.

Delish. Highly recommend.

And raided the beer fridge.

The six-packs you see there aren’t actually what we have, they just…serve as storage.

Enjoyed: A Blueberry Ale of ambiguous origins (the label came off in the cooler at the cabin) and a Stone Soup from the New Glarus  Brewing Co. (Abbey-style).  I’ve been craving beer for the longest time and since I didn’t want to open another bottle of wine (since we’re taking off tomorrow…I feel this is a valid reason), it was definitely time.

This lady has got to get back to packing – my goal is to not overpack for probably the first and only time in my life.


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