High Holidays Fashion Show: Part IV

Friends, I’ve been hearing about the outfits that we’ve been picking out, and I’m tres excited to see them in action next week!  I’ve got my outfits for Rosh Hashanah (Services and Dinners) hammered down.  Since I made a run to the tailor this week with four skirts and my favorite dress from Ann Taylor, I’ll have to figure out what to-do about Yom Kippur once I get those things back.  The only thing I can tell you that’s certain, is that if I wear the dress, I will be an outfit repeater (I wore it for Kol Nidre last year), and there’s only one woman in the entire congregation who will know, because she wore the same dress to Kol Nidre last year as well.

I will bravely accept my fate.

But before we wrap this up, it seems only appropriate to share a tale.

So, in September 2007, there Lindsey and I were, sitting on my twin bed in the sorority house, confronting the issue of what the hell I was meant to be doing with myself during the High Holidays besides projecting Beauty and Magic.


And Linds’ biggest advice was to avoid sitting by his father at.all.costs.  You see, at her temple, during the Yom Kippur services, they all hold hands at the end to enter the new kingdom together.  And God forbid, we would all just be sitting there during services, having a peaceful moment and then suddenly I would find myself holding his old man’s hand.

Naturally, I ended up sitting next to David, and then proceeded to sit on pins and needles waiting for that one part where we were all going to be hand-holders.

It never came.

Thanks, Linds.

I’m not going to show you black stiletto pumps or strands of pearls today because they are the things you should always have ready-to-go.  Why? Besidse the fact that they alwawys look lovely, half of the time, fashion experiments fail.  This is more of a, if you got to go hunting in someone else’s jewelry box to find something Exciting and New and Totally Not What You Usually Go For-thing.

When bedazzling your bod for others, I’m of the belief that you’re allowed to choose one trendy piece and the rest should really be as classically-styled as possible.


One response to “High Holidays Fashion Show: Part IV

  1. Hilarity. That hand-holding thing sounds more Catholic than Jewish to me. At least that’s what I recall from that visit to a Catholic church I went on for World Religions class back in high school. So awkward.

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